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Welcome to Wanthai Wellness and Living, the shop for Thai and Moroccan products

and high-quality asian furniture.

You can find our first-class products in Germany this diverse and exquisite range only in our store.

We are experienced people from Altbach, who have discovered a number of ways your fascination and enthusiasm for Asia and in particular Thailand. We also want to inspire you in your daily life: Pamper yourself with our online shop you into a new world in the holistic experience Asia.

In our online shop you can discover so many things you need for wellness, inner peace, relaxation

and need balance. As a contribution to your well -being we offer only high-quality and

tested products. The quality of our products makes the difference to other providers – we have the goods

carefully selected for you on the spot and guarantee highest standards.

Have a look at our recommendations! Here we show you our favorite products. Everything beautiful and

beneficial from Asia can be found here in one shop. Comfortable and casual clothing, as well as Thai mats

for massages, yoga and sports give you the best conditions, strengthened to cope with everyday life.

Let Be prepared to get away from it .

With us you will find a wide assortment of fragrant herbs temples, invigorating and relaxing

massage oils and massage woody plants and high quality massage tables.

We offer especially high quality massage tables from Thailand as you otherwise only in the best

find professional studio. Choose from several massage tables that fits your type –

we can also advise you by phone!

With exquisite burl wood furniture and coconut wood-based products, as well as beautiful ceramic for an exclusive living experience to impress your guests with your special and cozy furnishings.

Search exquisite home accessories such as pillows, picture frames, scented candles? Would you like to find noble and individual decorative items as a gift for your friends and your family or for your own beautifully designed home? Then you will be delighted with our offer and want to set up your home with it and enrich it.

High-quality recordings of traditional music as it is usually only heard in Thailand,

You can – depending on your mood and need – forget about the daily stress and inner balance

find again. You will accompany tonic with a massage or a demanding sport experience

for the best physical performance. Furthermore, we recommend excellent and tasty

Tea for a vital start to the day or a harmonious conclusion in the evening.

We have prepared an exquisite range of beauty, spa and ayurvedic teas for you.

Recharge your batteries, treat yourself to rest and relaxation. Increase
your quality of life with our world class natural products from all over Asia and Africa.

You will find in our shop all in an exclusive compilation – many of the offered,

choice and strictly tested products can be found only here.

If you are not sure with your selection, please contact our professional team you like personally.

Under the phone number +49-7032-78 40 259, as well as the e-mail address bestellen@wanthai.de,

we are very happy for you and look forward to talking with you.

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exclusively on all the news from the shop and regularly think of interesting discounts and special offers for you!