Herbal pillow herbal sauna 100g ginger
Herbal pillow herbal sauna 100g ginger.
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Bath additive with natural herbs | herbal pillows

The bath essence of fragrant herbs is packaged in a small herb pillows with cotton fabric that you enter into the hot bath water. The warm water is the valuable ingredients and scents of herbs solve. Enjoy Be with herbal bath the pleasing aroma of Asian herbs and ginger and let your skin from natural bath additive spoil. Thanks to the essential herbs bath product, your skin will feel very soft after herbal and smell wonderful. To enhance the effect, use the small herb pillows like a sponge and rub it over the skin.

Why are natural herbs suitable as a bath additive?
Dried herbs, leaves, and roots like ginger, orchid leaves and lemongrass have soothing, revitalizing and nourishing properties that you can do with a bath additive of natural herbs easy to use. The small herbal bath pillows are an excellent alternative to freshly prepared herbal baths. The fine tuning of medicinal herbs from Asia and the intense ginger They work stress, tension and action against all natural way. Make with the natural bath additive in herbal pillows from your bathtub a spa tub.

For many applications, such as a herbal pillows enough with bath salts?
A small herb pillows with ginger and Asian herbs from the Thai Online Shop is enough for a full bath. A herbal bath should last no longer than 20 minutes and only every 14 days. Be sure also to a water temperature between 35 and 37 ° C. Thus, the herbs can solve perfectly from the bath additive, ideal place to relax and your skin will benefit from the moisturizing oils of the bath additive. A herbal bath with this herb pillows stimulating, after the bath, you should rest for one hour.

The herbal pillows are filled with natural herbs asiatiaschen:
-Ginger Purpuream Rose (ginger)
-Curcuma Domestica Valeton (turmeric)
-Alpinia Nigra B.L. Burtt (Ginger family)
-Cassia Alata L. (leaves of the candle bush)
-Cymbopogon Uintesianus Jowitt (citronella)
-Curcuma Amada (turmeric)
Tamarindus indica L. -Leaves (leaves of the tamarind tree)
-Leaves Buahinia Retusa (leaves of the orchid tree)
-Leaves Acacia Concinna (Willdx) D. C. (Leaves an Asian acacia)
-Leaves Nibuhria Siamesia -Leaves Crinum Asiaticum (leaves of the Asian Lily)
-Leaves Pandanus Ordorus (leaves of a tree screws)
-Borneol (Borneol is obtained from a tree)
-Camphor (Camphor)

Bath additive in herbal pillows:
The herbs case cover is made of cotton.
Made in Thailand, original packed.

Product dimensions:
Length: 18 cm
Width: 11 cm
Thickness: 3 cm

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