Thai mat yoga mat for rolling green flowers 200x106cm
Thai mat yoga mat for rolling green flowers 200 x 106 cm.
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Thai mat, yoga mat, playground, to be rolled up

For easy transport and convenient storage.

Rolled: 200 x 106 x 5 cm
Bundled: 106 x 33 cm

100% filling of kapok, handmade, original from Thailand.

This original Thai mats are filled with a special water-repellent and natural material. This not only prevents that neither sweat or other moisture is taken out of the room, but it also flows no unpleasant smells, since neither plasticizers or other chemicals needed to produce. The kapok fiber is by the poplar fiber, the lightest of its kind gets your water repellent effect the fiber of a thin and natural fat coating the individual fibers.

The kapok fiber is very lightweight and even floats on water. Therefore, it was long ago used for filling life jackets.

Originally from Malaysia kapok tree is very widespread in Thailand. Its fibers are collected by many helping hands in laborious hand work, cleaned and prepared for further processing. Because often there are the flowers with the kapok up in the air and are difficult to reach.

All Thai mats, yoga mats, pillows, triangle cushion and deck cushions can be ordered here are packed with this valuable and natural material. It does not use any chemical additives. The outer shell of all crates and mats made from 100% pure cotton. In the manufacture of mats and boxes the fullness is first cut from a fabric panels and sewn together. So the cushion or mat receives its later form. Hell will be filled by hand with the kapok. Care is taken to uniform and adequate filling.

By using different colored and designed cotton fabrics mats and boxes are obtained in several colors and patterns.

By simply rolling up the mats Thai and Thai sofas can be easily transported and tucked away in storage.

These rollmats the matching cushions, pillows, bolsters and seat cushions are offered here. Since these are made of the same fabric made from 100% natural cotton, these are perfectly color coordinated.

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