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Mat Asia Relief peacock wood carving 180cm
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Mural relief wood buddha tree elephant 180cm
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Huge Asia Relief noble carving wood dancers 180cm
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Wooden murals

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To live Asian, or to set decorative accents Asia, there is hardly a more stylish decoration as wall wood pictures, wall reliefs made of wood or mirror frame. Not only those who live Asian, Asia and restaurants, Thai shops and massage parlors benefit from Asia, ie Thailand flair to a mural wood radiates. In the online shop for original Thai products are individuals as well as business-quality wood murals in round, cruciform, two-piece and three-piece. These are exclusively high quality, handmade wooden images and Asia wall reliefs from Thailand.

Where the mural is made of wood and the wood is used?
The online shop for wellness & Wohnen offered murals teak are Chiang Mai, made in northern Thailand to experienced woodcarvings. It is traditional family, whose principal activity is the production of handmade Asian murals and wall reliefs made of wood. To produce a mural wood, dried exotic woods, such as teak are used. The properties of teak, such as the hardness and resistance are particularly suitable for detailed Asian wood carving. For large, three for example, or two-part wall reliefs, as well as in Asia furniture, the elegant wood grain to its best advantage.

If the shipment of the wall painting wood or wall relief directly from Thailand?
No, each mural wood or Asian wood wall relief that is offered in the Thai online store for sale, is already in camp in Germany. The shipment of wall reliefs made directly from the warehouse of online stores in Germany to a different address. Usually the ordered Asian mural wood, wood relief or the wooden frame will be shipped by parcel. From a shopping of 35, - EUR parcel delivery in Germany is free of charge. If, at the appointed Asian wood image Sperrgurt (See note in the product description), this will be shipped by freight carrier. As an alternative to shipping to Thai decorations, such as Asia wood images also be picked up at our store in Altbach near Esslingen / Stuttgart. In Thailand subject to the wooden tee strong regulations to prevent the Teakholzraubbau. For this reason, the export of Asia mural teak, a wood wall reliefs or wood frame is covered with high customs requirements. Customers of the Thai online shops for Wellness & Living can be sure that all the products in Thai Online Shop have been legally imported into Germany, under applicable law.

Where does a Thai decor, like a Asia mural wood used?
Wood reliefs or wooden images are in Thailand for traditional decoration. But even in Asia means to read murals wooden resist with detailed carvings, golden ornaments and reliefs. Murals wood there in square, round or cross-shaped. Often the design of the mural wood of flowers, elephants or temple dancers is shaped. Here, wall reliefs differ from wood in different natural colors. There the mural wood in very bright, like oak, golden wood photo, dark brown wall reliefs, such as mahogany, black and of course in color combinations. Lovers Asian theme like using Thai wooden wall reliefs and wood Asia murals. But even in the business sector, in a Thai restaurant, Thai massage parlor or a spa handmade murals come wood used. The atmospheric Thai wooden decorations, are very diverse and can be combined to many furniture and interior design styles.