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Products for personal hygiene, oral hygiene, household cleaning and even pet food in the United States: the American corporation Colgate-Palmolive has been loyal to customers for many generations. In 1898 the company launched the first liquid soap called Palmolive. This liquid soap became so successful worldwide that the name still stands for the entire personal care range. Modern, dermatologically tested soaps, shower gels and bubble baths from Colgate-Palmolive have little in common with the simple recipe of the past (Palmolive = Palm Oil + Olive Oil): it is the variety of exciting fragrances and the mixture of different aromas that these Make personal care products so appealing.

Cleaning products for daily personal care

Nowadays there is a high demand for a cleansing body care product: liquid soap, shower gel or bubble bath are not only used for thorough and gentle body cleansing. For example, many people feel good when a disinfectant liquid soap leaves their skin smooth and soft after washing their hands. Shower gels or bubble baths are designed to support the mind and body in revitalizing or relaxing. Product lines from Palmolive such as Naturalis, Aroma Sensations, Men or Hygiene-Plus respond to people's individual care needs.

Different product lines for different care needs

Here you will find a small selection from our range: The Naturalis line appeals to women with rich cream showers in fragrances such as "milk & honey" or "coconut milk", for whom moisturizing substances and a warm, powdery fragrance are particularly important. In the Aroma Sensations line, exotic aroma mixtures such as "Mineral Massage" or "Absolute Relax" promise a small SPA experience. With "Energizing" or "Sport", the MEN line feels the desire for a lasting freshness kick with a masculine fragrance. The Hygiene Plus line offers anti-bacterial liquid soaps. Enclosed in a practical pump dispenser, "Family" presents itself in crystal clear orange with an aromatic, sweet fragrance. This liquid soap awakens the desire for regular hand washing even among the youngest of us.

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