Bath Herbs for ten herbal baths in a value pack
Herbal pillows filled with feel-good Thai herbs, 10 pieces value pack
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Bath Herbs for ten herbal baths in a value pack

Enjoy 10 herbal baths with bath herbs at a reasonable price. In Thai online shop, we offer you the bath herb pillows in particularly economical 10 pack. The bathing herbal pillows make a full bath, a pampering and relaxing and the application works super easy: Enter herbal pillows just in the 37-37 degree warm bath water and let it act the herbs. The small cotton pad with bath herb stuffing is also suitable still outstanding to rub the skin with it. Thus, the active ingredients of herbs and oils can better penetrate the skin.

Bathing experience with herbs and ginger fragrance
Even while taking the bath water flows around you the pleasant scent of herbs and ginger original from Thailand. But the bath herbs smell not only pleasant. They also pamper your body, mind and senses. In the 20-minute herbal bath your skin is gently cleaned and pampered. You come to rest and counteract stress and restlessness. In case of complaints such as colds, rheumatism, muscle pain the ingredients of the herbs bath pillow is said to have soothing effect. In particular, the essential oils that are inhaled through the vapors and absorbed through the skin, play a crucial role.

Where the bathing herbal pillows made of?
All bath herbs offered in Thai Online Store pillows are made in Thailand, as well as the ten herbal baths in a value pack. After a traditional Thai recipe the dried herbs, leaves and plant parts are mixed and filled into small cotton pad. The air-tight packaging of the bathing herbal pillow ensures that you can enjoy the scent and the active ingredients of ginger and herbs 100 percent of your full bath. Buyer of bathing herbal pillows in 10-ies Sparpack the order will be shipped directly from our warehouse in Germany. Immediately after receipt of the bath with herbal herbal pillows and ginger fragrance are shipped.

Can I use herbal pillows every day?
No, a distance of two weeks is recommended for the application of the bathing herbal pillows, so they do not over-stress the body. As an herbal pillows enough for a full bath, you can swim 20 weeks at an affordable price with the bath herbal pillows. Although the herb pillows with Thai herbs and ginger stimulates, you should rest and relax one hour after the bath.

The bathing herbal pillows with ginger are used in Thailand for muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, spasms, massages, improve skin texture, skin becomes smooth and supple, to improve circulation.

The herbal pillows are filled with a special Thai herb mixture:
-Ginger Purpuream Rose (ginger)
-Curcuma Domestica Valeton (turmeric)
-Alpinia Nigra B.L. Burtt (Ginger family)
-Cassia Alata L. (leaves of the candle bush)
-Cymbopogon Uintesianus Jowitt (citronella)
-Curcuma Amada (turmeric)
Tamarindus indica L. -Leaves (leaves of the tamarind tree)
-Leaves Buahinia Retusa (leaves of the orchid tree)
-Leaves Acacia Concinna (Willdx) D. C. (Leaves an Asian acacia)
-Leaves Nibuhria Siamesia -Leaves Crinum Asiaticum (leaves of the Asian Lily)
-Leaves Pandanus Ordorus (leaves of a tree screws)
-Borneol (Borneol is obtained from a tree)
-Camphor (Camphor)

The herb pillows in the 10-ies Sparpack are made of cotton.
Made in Thailand, original packed.
Product dimensions:
Length: 18 cm
Width: 11 cm
Thickness: 3 cm


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