without additional flowers

Herbal stamps for the whole body without additional flower fragrance

Thai herbal compresses with 100% herb stuffing without additional flowers

Herbal stamps for the traditional Thai massage with herb stuffing

The pure herbal compresses without additional blossoms exude a gorgeous original Thai herbal scent. Strong and bitter. The herbal compresses for the Thai massage are filled with a traditional herb stuffing, according to ancient traditions and are directly manufactured in Thailand by our long-standing business partner, an agricultural operation.

Pure Herbal stamps, original made in Thailand

Immediately after harvesting the herbs they are picked and prepared for filling in the pure Herbal stamps. Here no chemical additives or preservatives are used. The prepared herbs are filled and wrapped in the different sized cotton bags, according to a traditional method. A professional winding of the stamps from pure, untreated cotton, ensures the high quality standards of the herbal stamps. The scents and ingredients of the natural herbs remain until use, because of the air-tight packaging. The prerequisite for this is a cool and dry storage of the herbal stamps.

Stamp with traditional herb stuffing without flowers for the Thai massage

In Thai massage especially men prefer the pure herbal stamps without additional blossoms. The sweet fragrance of Thai flowers is often too intrusive for them. As with the perfume they prefer the clear, bitter scent of herbs. The traditional herbs fill the stamp not only smell pleasantly understated, they also combine the effect of oil massage with the positive active ingredients of the herbs.
Upon heating, the essences of herbs unfold through the steam and act on the skin a pleasant feeling on the well-being of the customer. In Thai massage, the stamps are pressed with herb stuffing on the skin. The combination of acupressure and the warmth of the natural herbs stimulate blood circulation, relax the muscles and help to detoxify and purify. A Thai massage with pure herbal stamps is a unique experience - pure relaxation.

Order Thai stamps, filled with natural herbs simply online

In our online shop we offer herbal stamps with natural herbs in the stamp sizes 100 grams, 150 grams and 200 grams per piece. Just put the desired amount of herb pouches with or without blossoms into the basket. If you order two pieces of the same stamp, the unit price with quantity discount adapts automatically.

We buy the stamps with pure natural herbs, as well as all other herbal products offered at Wanthai, since 2006 directly at the manufacturer in Thailand. So we can ensure top quality at the best price. In addition to the Thai herbal compresses with and without flowers, we offer a wide range of massage accessories such as massage woods, fragrance lamps and heating pads. Simply order online everything you need for your Thai massage. The delivery of your order will processed immediately. The details about the sending of your order within Germany and worldwide can be found into the category payment and shipping.

Please note that in the online ordering of Thai stamps with 100% herbal stuffing without additional flowers some sizes may be temporarily out of stock due to high demand. We always try to offer the entire range of stamps with traditional herbal fillings.

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