Thai Triangle Cushion Flowers Red Green 3 Mats XL
Cushion Thai Triangle Cushion Blossoms Red Green with 3 fold-out mats. Lounger mat and cushion in one! Very comfortable for reading, lying down and watching TV.
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Thai Triangle Cushion with Three Cushions in Red Green with Flower Design

Size of the triangular cushion with mat: 180 x 58 x 7 cm (folded out).

In Thailand, there are the typical Kapok Thai cushions, which are becoming more and more popular in Germany with their numerous uses. The triangular cushions with 3 pads have the shape of a wedge cushion and are therefore particularly comfortable. Filled with 100 percent kapok from South Asia, this Thai natural product ensures a high level of lying comfort after a stressful day. With a few simple steps, you can use the triangular cushion with three cushions as a meditation cushion when it is folded out and has a length of approx. 180 cm.

Buy Thai triangle cushion with three cushions
You can buy a typical Thai triangle cushion with three cushions in our Wanthai Online Shop. Here you can choose from a large selection of modern Thai cushions and get lots of inspiration. Because a Thai triangle cushion with 3 pads can be used in many ways. Whether as a yoga mat, Thai mat, relaxation cushion, sleeping cushion or simply as a relaxation cushion. With a length of 180 cm, a width of 58 cm and a mat thickness of 7 cm when folded out, the triangular cushion with 3 pads is versatile. Folded up, the Thai cushion takes up very little space with a length of 58 cm, a width of 46 cm and a height of 57 cm.

What is the advantage of a kapok filling?
The advantage of a pure kapok filling is thermally and mechanically unique. The natural Kapok fibres have a high fat content. Properties such as washability and dimensional stability are basic properties that are a prerequisite for a triangular pillow with three layers. The fibres of kapok can neither clump nor spin.  Moisture-resistant and breathable, the Thai kapok triangular pillow with 3 cushions is an unbeatable Thai pillow. In addition, properties such as heat regulation, temperature equalisation and moisture regulation are among the exceptional advantages of the Thai triangular pillow with three cushions.


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