Wanthai shop in Deizisau near Esslingen

Thailand Shop Wanthai Wellness & Living near Stuttgart

In February 2022 the new Thailand shop opened in Deizisau near Esslingen and Stuttgart. Over a total area of ​​over 1,000 square meters, lovers of Asian and Thai decor and Thai products can browse in peace. The offer of the Thailand shop near Stuttgart, is aimed at private individuals, as well as corporate customers. For the furnishing of the own flat, the massage salon or the Asia restaurant the customers find here everything which the heart desires. These are exclusively original goods from Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, China and Morocco. Come by and stroll through the Thailand shop in peace. In the quiet and pleasant ambience of the Thai shop in Deizisau near Stuttgart you can make your choice, in the showroom for massage tables the advantages of different massage tables test. Find nice gifts for friends or get comprehensive advice from the competent specialist staff of Thailand Shops. When buying larger products, such as Thai furniture, a massage table or wall reliefs, the team of Thailand shops near Stuttgart can take over the transport within Europe.

Where is the Thailand shop near Stuttgart exactly to find?
The Thailand Shop is located in 73779 Deizisau in the Zehntstraße 38, Germany and is very easy to find. From the center of Stuttgart you can reach the Thailand Shop by car via the B10 in about 20 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes by tram S1 from the main train station in Stuttgart towards Kirchheim (Teck) to Altbach. Only 300 meters away from the stop Altbach is the Thailand Shop. Coming from Esslingen, you can reach the Thailand Shop via the main road in less than 13 minutes. Ample parking in front of the Thai Shop and a handicapped access to the Thailand Shop make for a comfortable shopping. The team of Thailand Shop Wanthai Wellness & Living is looking forward to seeing you. The opening hours of Thailand Shop, near Stuttgart are: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00. If you have any questions about the Thailand Shop, the products and the service, please contact us in advance by phone: + 49-7153-750 61 79.

Which product range do I find in the Thailand shop near Stuttgart?
Do you know the Thai Online Shop: www.wanthai.de? All products, which are available in the Thai online shop, are also in the Thailand shop in the assortment. You are welcome to choose your favorites online in advance and then check in Thailand Shop if you really like the selection. In the Thailand shop, near Stuttgart, you have the opportunity to touch all the products from Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, China and Morocco, to feel the materials, to see the colors in real life. The product range of the Thailand shop at a glance.

• Furniture and Asian art from Thailand, Asia and other countries
For the furnishing, decoration and serving, for preparing and storing food, there is a lot to discover in the Thailand shop near Stuttgart. Solid wood furniture from Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, China and Morocco, richly decorated pictures, paintings and reliefs, coconut wood picture frames, Buddha figures, Buddha masks, Buddha reliefs, decorative jewelry boxes and boxes, baskets, elephant heads, flags, hand-carved ghost houses from Thailand, scented candles, ceramic dishes, kitchen accessories, tables, Thai seat cushions and mats with Kapok filling. The selection of Asian, Thai furniture, etc. is enormous. A special service of the Thailand shop near Stuttgart: If required, we bring your purchases to your home. If, for example, you buy massive wooden furniture from Thailand or a large mural in the Thailand Shop, we can organize the delivery of goods within a radius of about 100 kilometers, i.e. to Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Ulm, Tübingen, Ludwigsburg, Schwäbisch Gmünd or Pforzheim. If necessary, simply contact the team of the Thailand shop, near Stuttgart. We will surely find a solution for the transport of your purchase in the Thailand Shop.

• Buy massage accessories and spa items from Thailand at a reduced price
A vast array of massage, spa and body care products from Thailand and Asia delights customers. Also, owners of a massage parlor, a beauty salon or a physio practice can draw on the full when setting up their shop in Wanthai Thailand shop. The large range of high-quality massage tables can be tested directly in the Thailand shop near Stuttgart. Especially when setting up a massage salon or a restaurant, the employees of the Thailand shop take time for you. With a cup of tea, everything can be discussed in peace. With the experience and know-how of the Thailand shop team you can be sure that nothing is forgotten from the T-shirt for the employees to the incense sticks. The range of massage and wellness products in the Wanthai Thailand Shop ranges from pleasantly scented herbal stamps for the face and body, massage tables, massage clothing, massage woods, massage oils, heat pads, high-quality towels, up to promotional gifts and items for business equipment, such as a "Welcome Sign".

• Try and buy loose tea in the Thailand shop near Stuttgart
You can buy more than 100 different types of loose tea at the Thailand Shop near Stuttgart. When visiting the Thailand Shop, you can try the tea of your choice directly and buy it in different sized packaging units. Many of the loose teas are from the traditional tea brand Alveus. Enjoy the large selection of teas in the Thailand shop near Stuttgart. China tea, green tea, jasmine tea, fruit tea, wellness tea and black tea can be found in the Thailand shop as well as traditional teaware, teapots and tea cups. Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of the tea shopping, be amazed by the flavors and try without any obligation while shopping a brand new type of tea.

The modern walk-in Thailand shop in Deizisau near Esslingen represents the ideal supplement to the Wanthai Thai online shop. Already the small Thailand shop in Herrenberg and Altbach was very well received by the customers. In Deizisau, customers have the entire assortment to choose from and can shop in peace and quiet. The owner Ms. Kannika Khamphaeng with family and team are looking forward to show you the treasures from Thailand, Asia, Indonesia, Bali, China and Morocco in their beauty. Come over and browse. Whether you need a small present and, for example, look for a beautiful piece of jewelry from Thailand or want to set up your massage studio or Thai restaurant again. We warmly welcome you and look forward to your visit to our Thailand Shop.

The address of the Thailand shop near Stuttgart:

Wanthai Wellness & Living
Zehntstraße 38
73779 Deizisau near Esslingen

Landline phone: +49-7153-750 61 79
Email: bestellen@wanthai.de
Thai Online Shop website: www.wanthai.de

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock
Sat: by appointment