Basket for linen - basket for shopping - Hamper

Our online shop offers on this page Wooden baskets and raffia to, and baskets of plastic. These baskets can be used as a trash basket for dirty clothes, basket for shopping, basket for the garden and the leaves and basket picnic. All baskets have a very modern look, though these are traditionally made in Thailand. The design of the bins, picnic hampers and laundry baskets is currently very fashionable in Germany. In addition, the Thai baskets are often significantly less expensive and have a high quality.

Trash from wood - A Master of Disguise

The trash wood is square and can hold a lot of paper. Nevertheless, it is easy to wear and the design of the wooden trash is very modern. Passed earlier the wastebasket just wicker, also wastebasket of wood, steel or leather are produced now. Our Thai Trash is a nice fancy wooden trash for the bathroom or office. For many store our customers even your newspapers that they want to read in the trash. Since the wooden trash is square, it fits well in the corner or under the desk. With wanthai, the cheap Thai Online Shop of trash wood is stylish. Treat your trash more attention and buy our cheap wooden trash. This wooden trash has many faces and can change every style of living. He is not just trash, but a quick-change artist.

Basket for linen

The baskets for dirty linen and Garden leaves be produced in Thailand chic design. Our customers use the baskets for your clothes, for storage and for the garden. In this Universal bag you can transport approximately 15 kilos. He deforms easily and can be loaded without problems even in the car. In addition, the basket for garden foliage is much fancier than the usual offered green plastic baskets gardener. Also a great gift. When laundry basket, you can search for our basket of dirty laundry in the desired style. Many years ago, especially cheap laundry baskets made of hard plastic were offered that not long kept and visually not fit into the apartment. Our laundry baskets for collecting soiled laundry you can not only buy, but also save your back. Because the flexible laundry baskets have top two handles, so you do not have to stoop so low. Our customers use the baskets you when you move, or if you bring your laundry to the cleaners. Because these laundry baskets are true all-rounder.

Manufacture of our Wanthai-basketry in Thailand

Basket for garden foliage and lawns

As chair in the garden it is suitable mainly for leaves and grass. The flexible garden basket fits in any car and can be washed off afterwards even. Although it is some time outdoors, this makes the Gartenlaub basket of nothing. He is also very low and buy hand in Thailand manufactured quality.

Buy stylish hampers online

We also offer in this category at a picnic basket or picnic baskets. Previously yes consisted of traditional picnic basket wicker with a handle on the side. There was, however, often the problem that the picnic wicker basket in the cellar began to mold growth. Our picnic baskets or hampers this can not and should really be concentrating something superficially by poor ventilation, you can use the Thai Hampers wash it off with warm water. The picnic basket is available in many different colors and you can easily buy online at a reasonable price. Since all products are delivered from Thailand, it may be that some picnic baskets are sold. So, wait not so long and to order your picnic basket Send online today.

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