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Candles, incense & room fragrances from Thailand

The Thailand Shop for Wellness & Living offers a wide selection of scented candles, incense sticks, incense cones and high-quality accessories for light and fragrance. The first-class quality products from Thailand can quickly create a pleasant room atmosphere. Sandalwood, jasmine, rose, coconut or Thailand temples are the most popular fragrances in Thailand. In combination with the decorative incense holders and candle holders fragrance and light can be individually set. A pleasant room fragrance and natural light have a positive effect on the psyche. Certain moods can be generated by specific room ventilation.

Incense sticks from Thailand to honor the gods

Incense Sticks are used in Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Daoism in temples, ceremonies and meditations. Incense sticks allow the smoke, which is attributed to the cleansing effect and the smell, easier to regulate than in the "loose smoking". In Thailand, each household has its own altar, often a ghost house, where sacrifices are made daily for the gods, including fragrant incense sticks. The incense sticks and smoking cones "Thailand temple" in the Thailand shop are especially suitable for the sacrificial.

Thailand Room dips and candles for relaxing and relaxing

Not only for the gods, but also for people, natural light and aromatic fragrances are soothing. Jasmine is one of the most precious and finest fragrances. Jasmine fragrance candles, jasmine incense sticks and jasmine incense cones raise the mood, let the feeling of optimism, trust and euphoria arise. In addition, jasmine acts aphrodisiac. The fragrance of the rose illuminates the mind, counteracts anxiety, depression, tension, feelings, and lustlessness. Thai candles and incense sticks with the fragrance sandalwood have a soothing, harmonizing and stimulating and stimulating effect.

Why should incense sticks be used with fire stop?

For health and safety reasons, only high-quality candles, incense cones and incense sticks should be used. "First quality" in Thailand is characterized by very good incense sticks. The fire stop ensures that incense sticks do not come to an uncontrolled fire outbreak. When the burn is done properly, the incense burns out by itself with the help of incense sticks. The thai online shop offers exclusively high quality original candles, incense sticks, smoking cones and room fragrances from Thailand. In combination with the fragrance and candle holders, they can be used without any doubts.

What should be done when burning candles and incense sticks?

Special lanterns, incense holders, incense cones and candlesticks ensure that the fire is not uncontrolled on the floor space, the ash is collected in the holder. Before lighting candles or incense sticks, a flat surface should be sought for the candle holders and incense holder. The air space above the "open fire" must be free, so that the flame can not spread. Incense sticks and incense cones from Thailand unfold the best room fragrance when they glow. The easiest way to light incense sticks and cones are with matches. After a few seconds, the flame is carefully blown out, so that the incense sticks or incense cones glow red at the tip. Fragrance candles from Thailand are flamed like normal candles and unfold the fragrance parallel to the light.

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