Massage sticks

What are massage woods used for?

Massage wood used for traditional Thai Massage and Physiotherapy. Top massage wood are handmade honed from excellent hardwood and finely. Through careful processing can be ensured that an optimal use during the massage is done.

The wood used for the massage bars and massage tools grow in Southeast Asian region. Of course, it is ensured that no protected species for the manufacture of massagers and Deuser rods are used. With a clear conscience all wanthai Massage bars can be used on patients.

In traditional massage and Thai massage rods have been used successfully for a long time. They can be operated easily and readily be safe throughout the massage time in the hands of the therapist. In order to optimally protect the joints of the therapist and the therapist and to spare, this traditional Thai massage should rods are as much as possible used in the massage.

From the long tradition of using the massage sticks to a large number of different massage aids developed. Today there is not only the Deuser rods in a straight form, but also the massager in hedgehog shape in long or short version, massage balls, massage balls, massage wooden for self massage or the massage roller for trigger point massage.

Deuser chopsticks for traditional massage were named by Erich Deuser, known physiotherapist and masseur. Even Erich Deuser recognized the advantages of the excellent easy to use Deuser chopsticks and put this one at every opportunity to massage. Special application areas are sports injuries, scar treatment and trigger point massage and trigger point treatments. Especially the deep in the skin and in muscle trigger points can be the massage rods easily reached and stimulated.

In Wanthai Wellness we ensure the highest quality hand picked selection locally. When buying Massage wood strives to maintain a perfect quality, so we buy since 2006, only proven and personally known to us suppliers.

In our assortment you can find Thai massage stick cheaply, massage balls, massage roller, Massage hedgehog massager in a cross-shape. The Wanthai-Massage wood are handmade and made of polished hardwood. We buy only original one in the land of Thai massage.

For the professional, traditional massage, original Thai massage, physiotherapy and trigger point massage.

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