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Buy cheap herbal stamps from Thailand

Herbal stamps, herbal balls and herbal compresses from Thailand

Herbal stamps for traditional herbal stamps massage and conventional massage according to old herbal stamp recipe, are offered in our online shop in a big range. In Thai herbal stamp online shop you buy high quality herbal stamps, filled with natural herbs, blossoms or sesame for traditional Thai herbal stamp massage.

Traditional herbal stamp massage from Thailand

Traditional Asian massage contains the well-known Thai massage, oil massage and herbal stamp massages. While the traditional Thai massage the whole body is massaged by thumb and flat hand with targeted strongly pressure, starting with the feet. Normally in wellness treatment at first this strongly Thai massage is applied, afterwards the traditional herbal stamps massage is done. The herbal stamp massage has got a similar effect like hot stone massages, because of the cozy intensive warmth of the stamps. At Hot stone massage also a therapeutically effect is generated by smooth to strongly pressure like with the herbal stamps.

What kind of filling do the herbal stamps from Thailand have?

The in herbal stamps online shop available Thai herbal stamps are filled exclusively with herbs from own cultivation. According to traditional recipes of the Thai ancestors the special herbal blends for the filling of the herbal stamps are prepared. Still in this proven herbal mixture the original Thai herbal stamps from our online range are processed today.

Just the best natural herbs, Thai blossoms and sesame get into the herbal stamps

For centuries the stamps for herbal stamp massage get just the best and effective herbs and ingredients directly from Thailand. They are cultivated on their own and after harvesting they are processed gently for the stamps filling. The plants for the herbal stamps are cutted and dried. Thereby the best processing is used. Even at selecting the herbs for the Thai herbal stamps only the best quality is best enough. After harbesting and processing the ingredients of the herbal stamps are brought together in traditional mixing ratio.

How the herbal stamps for herbal stamp massage are processed?

The herbal stamp mixtures are filled carefully and evenly into cotton towels. The arising herbal stamp is fixed with many skill, so that at warming and using just the herbal juice will come through the cotton towel of the stamp. These herbal extraction is brought up to the skin directly in a gently, warm and circling massage way.

How are the herbal stamps for herbal stamp massage prepared?

Preparing herbal stamps is very easy. For wellness treatment you just need to unpack the herbal stamps, warm them and then you can start with the herbal stamp massage. A detailed instruction is prepared on a special site "What is an herbal stamp massage?"

Where can I buy herbal stamps from Thailand cheap and easy?

In our online shop for wellness products from Thailand you can buy herbal stamps very cheap and easy. Like all other offered herbal products in our shop Wanthai buys the herbal stamps directly at the manufacturer in Thailand, since 2006. This way we can guarantee highest quality and very cheap prices.Order online at Wanthai Wellness cheap original herbal stamps for traditional Thai herbal stamp massages. Buy them cheap and easy for your professional herbal stamps massage. Wanthai provides you best prices for herbal stamps, because of big purchasing volume. High and consistent quality is guaranteed because of our strict controls. Wanthai is sending you the herbal stamps safely and well packed up. Each of the Wanthai Wellness herbal stamps will come in fresh pack shrink wrapped. So you can enjoy the active substances and fragrances at the herbal stamps massage to the fullest.

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Herbal stamps by Wanthai Wellness are for relaxing and harmonic herbal stamp massages.