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Original Thai living textiles, such as blankets, fabrics, tablecloths and overcoats made of natural silk, polyester and cotton in great design and finest quality. In the Thai Online Shop you will find a wide selection of Thai fabrics, which create a harmonious atmosphere in your own apartment, in the massage parlor, in the restaurant or shop shop. The colorful Thai living textiles are original products from Thailand, which are manufactured in smaller and larger manufactories.

Thai home textiles - traditional fabrics from Thailand

In Asia the production of natural silk is based on a long tradition, so also in Thailand. The Thaiseide, used for the production of blankets, tablecloths, tablecloths and throwers, resembles wild silk and is somewhat stronger than Chinese or Indian silk. Slightly irregular structures and small pimples are typical of natural silk from Thailand. The thickness of the Thai fabric depends on how many threads of cotton, polyester or silk were spun. For natural silk from Thailand, one to six threads are usually processed. Thai fabrics are usually distinguished by the noble shine of the fabric, the typical Thai patterns and the splendor of the colors. In many cases, gold and silver threads are also woven, which gives glamor to the Thai home textiles. Silk from Thailand is a high quality natural product. The Mudamee Silk from Northeast Thailand is a very special type of silk. Thai fabrics are often used in silk / polyester blends, polyester or cotton. Visually, the high-quality Thai decorations are not distinguished from pure silk accessories. The cheaper purchase price and the simpler care of the Tai living textiles are the main reasons why the modern Thai fabrics for ceilings, covers, daycloths, tablecloths and table runners have become more and more popular.

In what sizes are Thai home textiles available to buy online?

The Thai stuff in the Thai online shop is not available as a meterware. For every product description in the Thai Online Shop, the sizes, such as a meter width and two meters in length, are stored. Similarly, for each substance from Thailand, a purpose is indicated. The fabrics from Thailand can be used as tablecloths, umbrellas, daycloths, tablecloths, for covering or decorating. There is no limit to the creativity of Thai decorations. The product description is supplemented by the material composition and the weight of the Thai substance as well as the care management, which are important criteria for the use of a substance.

Thai decoration with fabrics from Thailand

Living textiles from Thailand are absolutely timeless. Thai fabrics can be used for decorative purposes, not only in apartments, massage salons, restaurants, hotels and Asian store shops. Even in European everyday life, Thai living textiles offer many decorative uses: Surprise your guests with a beautifully laid table at the next invitation. The colorful tablecloth made of Thai fabric forms the basis and can be combined perfectly with simple dishes. In the bedroom, an opulent Thai day blanket with golden ornamental seams provides a nice view. In the summer Thai decorative fabrics in the garden create cozy accents. If there is something more Thai, you can find in the Thai online shop many possibilities. From the incense stick, to the Thai table grill, you can buy everything from original Thailand products.

Where can I buy the most basic Thai stuff?

Wanthai, the specialty store for original Thai products in Germany, offers three options for purchasing Thai home textiles:Option one, the simple ordering of original Thai fabrics in the Thai online shop. Option two and three, the purchase of the Thai fabrics in the shop floor in Deizisau - Esslingen near Stuttgart.

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