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Massage tables for stationary massage - Thai massage

Large choice in Thai massage tables and massage beds for Thai massage

A Convenient and practical massage table forms the basis of each harmonic treatment. During a massage, like the Thai massage, no noise may interfere with the deep relaxation of the customer. With a stationary Thai massage table, massage bed and massage chair you lay the foundation for your success. In our online shop for massage accessories you can find cheap standard Thai massage tables and massage beds with and without a hole for the face, but also cheap Thai massage chairs along with stools. We offer quality therapy couches and massage chairs of the prestigious brand Wanthai. All offered individual massage beds are made to measure especially for you produced by a German manufacturer.

Massage chairs and Thai massage tables with the highest quality standards

A massage table, as well as a massage chair, for stationary use naturally must be also suitable for heavy customers. A Thai massage table must be loaded with up to 300 kg unhesitatingly. When designing a massage table or massage chair various criteria also have to be considered. Customer requirements, therapist claims and of course the requirements of the German health department have to make the grade. All offered massage tables and massage chairs in our online shop meet these requirements.

Massage bed for Thai massage with cutout for the face

Massage tables ideally suited for Thai massage

During the traditional Thai massage including stretching techniques extreme forces impact on the massage table. Therefore a quality Thai massage table must be of robust construction and massive. Even heavier and larger customers who come to Thai massage easily find enough space on the massage table, because the original Thai massage bed is made sufficiently in its dimensions.

Optimal dimensions of a Thai massage bed for Thai massage

The typical massage bed for Thai massage is at least 200 cm long and 100 cm wide. Depending on the height of the masseuse, the massage table can be purchased in the required working height. This counteracts back pain and discomfort of the masseuse who will massage a lot of customers every day on this Thai massage table.

Massage tables and massage couches positive customer reviews

-The Stationary Thai massage table is on Monday 23:07. reached us. It is exactly what we had in mind, and we wished. The health department had us issued with respect to the massage table pads that have been fully met. We are very pleased with the massive Thai massage table! Thank you very much!! Sincerely Nuan and Jürgen L.

-A Great massage bed !! Really as stable as described, I can only recommend. These mobile lightweight chairs with steel ropes and thin legs, which can be purchased elsewhere are not really suitable for a Thai massage table. Greetings XXXX

Buy cheap massage tables and massage chairs by Wanthai online

The cosy massage chairs are new in the Wanthai online range. There are massage chairs offered for any application and in different variants. For example there is the massage set with armchair and stool for foot massage from gorgeous natural materials like teak wood, rattan and water hyacinth. A real eye-catcher for any customer!

Thai massage table in the standard format or custom made order straight online

Our custom massage table with facial hole or the massage table for Thai massages without face hole are produced exclusively according to your wishes with our partner in Germany. Choose the right massage table for stationary treatment easily in our online treatment couches configurator. You can define the following options for personalization:

  • Length of Thai massage table
  • Table top width of the massage bed
  • Height of the massage table
  • Species of the structure of Thai massage table
  • Reference color of the massage table or massage chair

The high quality massage tables are produced directly after your placed order to your specifications in Germany. The delivery time of individual massage tables for Thai massages or any other purpose, is between 2 and 4 weeks.
Do you have any further questions about our high quality stable massage tables and massage chairs? Contact us, we will advise you comprehensively.

Massage mats in different sizes with or without facial cut out

You already have got a massage table, but need a fitting massage mat? Or you just want to change your ageing mat with a new one? No problem. At Wanthai Wellness & Living you also can buy several massage mats as layer for massage tables and beds. Here you can find solid and at the same time very convenient mats in different sizes, sometimes with and sometimes without facial cut out. This way you have got the right layer at hand according to your wishes. The foam mats with resilient leatherette case can also be used on the ground. Additionally they are very easy to care and cleaned quickly after using them.

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