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Buy loose green tea cheap - high quality green tea from China and Japan

The range of green teas is terrific. There should be more than 1,000 varieties of green tea. In our online shop we offer you a fine selection of selected green teas from China and Japan, which you can buy online for a reasonable price in small packing units of loose tea from 100 grams to 1 kg. But also a tasting set with several sorts of green tea of 40g each can be found here in the web shop. When buying tea, we pay close attention to the high quality of green tea. Only top quality loose green tea from China and Japan, also from the renowned tea company Alveus, can be bought online at Wanthai Wellness & Living.

What is the difference between green tea from Japan and green tea from China?

While in China, the slightly tart smoky and the flowery taste of green tea is very much preferred, the Japanese like to drink green tea with a grassy-fresh note. In order to achieve the special taste preferences of the green tea, the Chinese green tea is predominantly roasted in a wok and dried over charcoal. When green tea from Japan, the loose leaves, however, are treated with steam.

How is loose green tea made in China and Japan?

Preferably in spring, when the tea plant was able to gather power over the winter, the delicate green tea leaves are carefully picked by hand. The early harvest of the green tea promises the highest content of vitamins, minerals and flavourings. On Welk mats, the freshly picked tea leaves are spread to lose fluid and still remain supple. To prevent the fermentation, the green tea leaves are briefly heated by roasting or steaming. After cooling, the green tea leaves are rolled and dried in a hot air oven to a final moisture content of about three percent.

Green tea loose, a traditional drink from Far Eastern medicine

Green tea is used in Far Eastern medicine as a remedy for physical and emotional complaints. Responsible for this is the combination of caffeine and catechin. In a pleasant way, the spirit, as well as the cycle is stimulated by the drinking of green tea. The high concentration of antioxidants in green tea strengthens the immune system and supports the body.

Loose green tea with many flavours and effects

The cultivation area, the production process, as well as the addition of flowers and roots have an enormous influence on the taste and the effect of the green tea from China and Japan. In the case of "green jasmine tea", jasmine blossoms are added to the loose green tea to create a sweet and fresh note. The "Alveus China Chun Me Green Tea", however, grows in a humid growing area and is not fermented but dried in the sun.

The special rolling technique of the fine green tea leaves in the form of the eyebrow ensures the unique sourish taste, with the departure of plum. Another special feature among the loose green teas is the "Alveus Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea". The loose green tea leaves are shaped into small globules and this loose green tea has an exceptionally high caffeine content. The Gunpowder is the making fit blend among the loose green teas.

Discover the various loose green teas online in our tea shop. Which loose green tea do you prefer? Green tea with Japanese cherry, green tea dragon fire or the classic green tea from China Sencha? Order the green tea varieties of your choice in the super-cheap advantage pack of 1 kg or in the smaller packaging unit of 100 grams. Wanthai will send you the fresh loose tea conveniently by parcel.

How is loose green tea from China or Japan prepared?

To perfectly prepare loose green tea, boil the water once and cool to 90-60 degrees Celsius. You need 3 to 5 tablespoons of loose green tea per litre of water. The duration of pull with green loose tea is only 2 to 3 minutes. The loose green tea leaves can be brewed several times. In between, the loose green tea should be dried.

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