Buy original Thai goods in Germany - easily and cheap

Of course you can shop around the clock in our webshop However, if you prefer to visit us personally, you can do this in our branch. We are here for you at the following location:

Branch Deizisau:
Zehntstraße 38
73779 Deizisau

Opening hours:
Mo - Fr: 10:00 - 17:00
Sat: only by appointment

Telephone: +49 (0) 7153-750 61 79


Our location Deizisau - near Stuttgart

Here you can find more information about our location Wanthai in Deizisau near Esslingen

Wanthai Wellness und Wohnen - Thailand Shop in Altbach bei Esslingen

Buy Thai goods in Germany - near Stuttgart

Original Thailand goods can also be bought directly in Germany easily and cheaply. Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen, your specialist for Thai products in 73779 Deizisau, near Stuttgart in Germany, offers its customers various options to easily and quickly buy original Thailand goods. Whether Thai furniture, massage accessories for Thai massage, kitchen utensils from Thailand, wicker Thai pillows and mats from Kapok or original tea from Thailand and around the world, the selection of original Thai products is enormous.

Where can I buy the original Thai goods in Germany?

We offer our customers various options for the cheap purchase of original Thailand goods in Germany: 1. Online shopping at – worldwide shipping of consignments, Europe-wide shipping of parcels and bulky goods as well as general cargo, such as furniture, by forwarding 2. Direct shopping in the shop in Deizisau near Esslingen, Stuttgart in Germany. 3. Direct purchasing in various markets in Germany 4. Wanthai-Showroom Uhingen – small assortment of original Thai products 5. For non-European countries, such as Switzerland, we carry out special delivery. If necessary, please contact us so that we can discuss details for the delivery of the original Thai goods from Germany.

Who can buy the Thailand goods in the shop Deizisau

The offer of original Thai goods is aimed at end consumers, as well as wholesalers, restaurateurs or Thai massage studios worldwide. In the shop near Stuttgart, in 73779 Deizisau / Germany you can choose and buy all Thai goods (except custom-made massage tables) on an exhibition space of more than 1000 square meters. The sales rooms of Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen in Germany are open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays by appointment. Just drop by and browse the wide range of original Thailand merchandise. With us you can buy original goods from Thailand cheaply and easily.

How can I pay for my purchase in the shop in Deizisau?

Currently, we offer both the option of cash payment as well as the card payment for shopping in the business in Deizisau / Germany. Regular customers are welcome to buy the original Thailand goods by invoice. If the Thai products such as murals or massage mats are too big or too bulky for transport in your own car, the competent team of Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen will be pleased to help you.

What offer does the store for original thailand goods include?

In the original Thai shop in Deizisau / Germany all products that you can order in the Thai online shop are available. In addition, other original Thai products, such as discontinued models or individual pieces are on display. Interested in original massage accessories from Thailand in the store in Germany for example: Thai massage pants, Massage woods, Massage beds or also books and CD`s around the massage. Under the heading Living you can buy Buddha figures from Thailand, hand-carved Thai wooden relieves, murals, Thai furniture made of burl wood, Thai stationery, Thai pottery, original wickerwork from Thailand and Thai mats, Thai pillows, lamps, Thai decorations and incense sticks from Thailand. Tea fans will find in the store a very large selection of unusual loose teas from all over the world and lovers of herbal massage will be thrilled by the wide range of herbal stamps. This is just a small part of the comprehensive range of original Thai goods.

What advantage do I have if I buy original Thai goods in the store?

In addition to a wide range of original Thai goods in the shop in Deizisau, near Stuttgart in Germany, you naturally have the advantage of directly inspecting and comparing the goods. While you need to make your selection in the Thai online shop based on the pictures and product descriptions, you can inspect the goods with all your senses. You can test Thai mats for comfort, compare Thai bowls in terms of size and design, and combine Thai home accessories and Thai furniture directly. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of original Thai products. The Wanthai Wellness & Living Team is looking forward to presenting you the Thailand goods in person and to advise you on your purchase. We are happy to explain the details of each product from Thailand. The advantages of buying original Thai goods in Germany instead of Thailand are obvious: Short delivery time, no shipping problems, no customs clearance, warranty and return policy in Germany.

Can I also pick up my order from the online shop directly in Deizisau?

Of course, you can pick up the original Thai goods, which you bought online at, directly. So that really all desired items are in stock, we recommend to complete the order online and pay in advance. Alternatively, you can also pay cash in the shop in Deizisau - Germany. For regular customers we offer the option invoice.

Are the goods from Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen actually coming from Thailand?

The products offered by Wanthai Wellness & Living are original Thai products that are imported directly from Wanthai Wellness & Living to Germany. In addition to the Thailand goods, we also offer a small selection from Morocco, as well as custom-made massage tables, which are produced directly in Germany. We are happy to inform you personally about the exact origin of the Thai goods. Some of the buyers are also in the shop in Germany and can explain you details about the production sites in Thailand and the traditional processing. When purchasing the original Thailand products, the Wanthai Wellness & Living team is committed to sustainability, promoting and supporting traditional Thai crafts. It is also important for us to secure humane jobs in Thailand and to create new ones by selling original Thailand products. Prior to the import of Thai goods to Germany by container, all original Thai products are subjected to a thorough quality control, so that only top-processed products from Thailand are offered by Wanthai Wellness & Living.

Where exactly is the store for Thai goods in Germany?

The Thai shop Wanthai Wellness & Living can be easily reached by car. From Stuttgart you need about 20 minutes by car via the B10. At Zehntstraße 38, in 73779 Deizisau - Germany, where the shop is located, up to four cars can park for free in front of the Thai shop. If you are coming from Stuttgart by public transport for shopping, please take the S1 from the main station in the direction of Kirchheim Teck, to the stop Altbach. After a short walk of 300 meters you reach the Thai shop for original Thailand goods in Deizisau.

Opening hours of the Thai shop for original Thailand goods. We are from Monday till Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays by appointment there for you and look forward to your visit. You are also welcome to register in advance by telephone +49-7153-750 61 79.

Exceptional products for every room

Here you can discover wonderful Asian furniture and decoration. What you like, just take it with you. Also here you can go shopping to your heart`s content.
Furniture, crockery and cutlery for your dining room
With the extraordinary pieces of our product family you can give all your rooms an individual as well as Asian flair. For example, how about a handmade water hyacinth seating set for your dining room, consisting of a large table and six matching chairs? Our hand-painted ceramic dishes and high-quality stainless steel cutlery make every meal a pleasure moment that you no longer want to miss.
Shatter-proof children's dishes from SuperSOSO!
Your children will be excited about our SuperSOSO! products. Shatterproof plates, cups, bowls and cutlery with charming animal and nature motifs make children's hearts beat faster. Within Germany, Austria and Switzerland you will receive this popular tableware exclusively at Wanthai Wellness & Living.
Furniture for sleeping, living and working areas
Not only the dining area is an important element in the furnishing concept. Meanwhile, your bedroom may be looking forward to a unique new bamboo and mango wardrobe, or a sturdy solid wood bed. Matching cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and desks made of beautiful natural materials beautify your living room, your study, your hallway or even your bathroom in a harmonious way.

Pillows and mats with kapok filling
With our pillows, neck pillows, triangular pillows, folding mats and rolling mats you can design the cozy part of your interior. The pillows and mats spread a good mood with their bright colours and cheerful designs. The solid natural filling of kapok fibres ensures good moisture and heat regulation. Whether in your own cozy corner or in the guest room - these pillows inspire in optics and added value.

Furniture made of burl wood and tree trunks

You love the naturally robust character of burl wood? Then you are also at the right address in our branch Deizisau. At Wanthai Wellness & Living you can set up tables and decorations made of burl wood and tree trunks. How about, for example, a living room table whose table top was completely cut out of a tree trunk? The unique grain and colour of acacia and other precious woods is breathtaking. With matching room dividers, you can adequately separate your living area from the dining area and create in this simple way a new room concept that you can change at any time according to your wishes and needs.

Ornate relief murals and vintage accessories

With the right decoration accessories you bring the furniture into a coherent overall concept that not only convinces you and your family. Also your guests will be thrilled. Our range includes a variety of handcrafted ornate teak reliefs. From the small dark brown mural to the 150cm large five-part relief in Shabby Chick design, there is something for every taste.
The recycling of old timbers also creates great new vintage pieces, such as picture frames or handkerchief and cutlery boxes. Above all, the unique piece character convinces by individual grains and handmade carvings. Finishes such as glazes or colourful and shiny gold colours make each piece a special eye-catcher for your premises.

Light as a source of inspiration and well-being

Every child knows that light is an essential source of well-being. Be inspired by the unique lamps from our range and make your home a wellness oasis, to your taste. Whether high floor lamps made of wooden struts, filigree lamps made of bamboo, fine table lamps made of ceramic or Asian metal ceiling lamps: our lamps are a special feature that make your rooms shine in a whole new light.

Know how in import and sales

Wanthai Wellness & Living is a competent provider of original Thai products. We convince with decades of experience in the import of these goods. Via our webshop as well as through our branch in Deizisau near Esslingen - Neckar we sell these goods Europe-wide and can already look back on many successful years. Satisfied new customers and a large number of regular customers attest equally to the quality of our goods.

Individual solutions to your taste

Almost all products are handmade objects that convince in their filigree and detailed design. Come visit us in Deizisau and immerse yourself in the diverse Asian culture. The Wanthai Wellness & Living team will be happy to advise you. Together we will find the optimal solution for your individual furnishing wishes. You will be thrilled, because it is no coincidence that Thailand is considered the "Land of Smiles".