Skin Care

Skin care products for cleaning and caring in the online shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living

The Skin is our biggest organ and needs special care

In our web shop we offer wonderful skin care products to you, with which you can wash and bath yourself. Especially our skin has got special needs in the matter of care. Many people do not know: The skin is the biggest organ of our body and provides an enormous service. It defends against environmental influences and assumes important functions in our metabolism. With the skin care products of Wanthai Wellness & Living you give your skin the attention, which it deserves.

Pamper your skin with shower gel, soaps and bath salts

For skin care you find shower gel, natural soaps and also bath salts in the Wanthai web shop. They clean you skin softly, but also thoroughly and care it at the same time with its valuable ingredients like curcuma, tamarind and rice milk. In our big bath salt range you can choose from a large number of sorts like coconut milk, raspberry, lemon, orange, pomelo, pine, lavender, rose, ocean, apple and jasmine. Our paper bags with an amount of one kilogram allows many nice bath hours. The 600 grams can with screw cap can be closed easily after every use and the glass flask with 570 grams content is also very decorative with its high-quality optic. For us quality is more important than quantity. Constantly we look for great new products that flatter and clean our skin, but do not harm at the same time. Are there new skin care products, which meet our requirements they will find the way into our range. We are happy to offer a greater collection to you gradually.

Skin care accessories in the webshop of Wanthai Wellness & Living

To be able to feel really comfortable with skin care, you need to furnish the environment, so your bathroom, according to your taste. That will encourage the feel-good factor and provides holistic wellness moments for body and soul. You skin will thank you for that. Beautiful handmade soap dispenser from Thai celadon ceramic build the accessories offer at skin care. Unique colour combinations and patterns give you the possibility to turn the bathroom into a wellness oasis.

All that is wellness for your skin. We wish you many pleasant and relaxing moments with our skincare and accessories products.

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