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Wellness accessories such as heat packs, herbal pillows, hot stone sets & oil heaters

Wellness accessories at Wanthai Wellness & Living

You can increase your well-being with practical accessories in your massage parlor or even at home. At Wanthai Wellness & Living you can find a big range of professional tools for wellness and massage at favourable price. Especially warming treatments with herbs or hot stones are easy to conduct even without a professional qualification. It helps quickly to relax and to allay health problems. If necessary there is an application description enclosed.

Wellness accessories for heat treatments - self-heating pads

Classical hot-water bottles are replaced by innovative self-heating pads with different herbs. Special forms of the heating pads make possible a purposeful application. For example the heating pad with hook and loop fastener is usable as neck compress perfectly. The heating pads are warmed easily in the microwave and often save the warmth for hours. Additionally the special herbal fillings help to relax. Because of warming them up the pads have got a pleasant smell and the ingredients like ginger and lavender have got a good impact on the autonomic nervous system.

Wellness accessories for hot stone massage

The massage with hot stones is easy to do with our hot stone sets. At Wanthai you can find many different sets with polished basalt stones. Always regard that your used stones are polished and burnished, so the skin will not be injured while being massaged. Also you should have different sizes of stones for operating flexible while massaging. The hot stone sets of our Thai online shop provide a good starting base for the perfect hotstone massage in your parlor or at home.

Wellness accessories for bath and sauna

With our bath accessories you don`t just take a bath, you take a recreation bath. The herbs in our bathing accessories infatuate with a wonderful fragrance, which suffuse the whole room. The herbal pads are from natural herbs in perfect dose for a full bath. You can also use it as bath sponge to purify your body. With this bath pads you can relax perfectly after a stressful day.

Order easily wellness supplies online - for indulging and enjoying

Our Wanthai wellness accessories are perfect for recovering after a sickness, regenerating after sports or for prevention. Natural materials, fine herbs from Thailand, warmth and water suport body, spirit and soul. You also adress all your senses with them. Grant yourself relaxing moments, pamper your customers, your partner or a friend with our wellness products. We ensure outstanding quality.

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