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Vintage picture frame teak wood massive with decorative paper
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Real Wood Picture Frame Shabby Chic 26x21cm
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Vintage picture frame teak wood folding with decorative paper
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Vintage picture frame teak wood massive with ornaments
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Vintage picture frame teak wood folding with lumber struts 21x16cm
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Frames for mirrors or pictures solid wood carving 66x45cm
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Frame for mirrors or pictures solid wood 70x44cm carving
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Relief frame with mirror blossoms elephants
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Wanthai Wellness & Living voucher
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Picture Frames

Real wood picture frames and photo frames

What to do with the many photos that are taken today with so many cameras, mobile phone cameras and SLR cameras?
We think your best photos deserve a beautiful matching wanthai real wood picture frame from Thailand!

The current and most common format of framing photos and images is undoubtedly 9x13cm. Images in this format have the aspect ratio 4:3, as well as the wanthai picture frame made of solid real wood. Fotorrahmen that hold a larger format are supplied with a matching mount. This may consist of paper and then covers the einzurahmende photo format 9x13cm from precisely so that no edges of the actual photos can be seen. Many of the pictures frames are also available with a dummy or sample image, usually made of handmade paper loaded. In this very decorative and crafted in traditional Thai handmade paper, vegetable decorative elements are often admitted. These give the paper and thus the picture frame a high-quality appearance and make it very presentable.

So professional and easy of course beautiful to look picture frame can be ordered in various shapes and designs and delivered. For a straight impression for example, the wood picture frame made of coconut wood or sugar palm wood provides. This wood is cut into the appropriate format and then a finishing of the surface is performed so that a smooth and matt glossy layer is formed. Then the different colored inclusions in coconut wood or sugar palm wood are then very easy to recognize. Since this wood is multi-colored, producing very high-quality effects with the alternating light and dark areas.

The picture frames are lovingly made by hand. Frames which are made of raffia, driftwood or lumber and glass, offer the souvenir photos and family photos the perfect backdrop and the proverbial frame.

What materials are the picture frame?

The wanthai picture frame for example consist of worked wood of the coconut palm or sugar palm tree. These woods are very decorative and strong, even without the application of paint. Incorporates elements of uncut coconut wood, these photo frames get a very natural and exceptional appearance. Picture frame made of raffia can be made ??so that they get a cloth-like and woven structure. These frames are made entirely by hand. In the picture frame solid wood are carved from one piece of jewelry elements out. This allows very beautiful shapes and figures bring into the picture frame. Some of these are filled with small colored glass pieces.

Multipart picture frame made of natural materials

Those looking for the special picture frame and for example want to bring a photo small series on the wall, the multi-part picture frame should look from natural materials. For a number of picture frames, often two or three pieces, put together, these result in a small series of photos. An advantage here is also that this framework with multiple photos only need a hanger. And through the already existing connection of the frame, for example, they are to each other with a decorative string or thin rope held together, the frame hanging equal to each other in the correct and uniform spacing. Also, the orientation of the photo frame is thus predetermined. This picture frame must be fitted only with photos after the purchase so and are then immediately ready for hanging.

Where can I buy photo frames made of real wood and coconut wood?

Here in wanthai Wellness and housing in. Click here to the glorious picture frame from Thailand buy cheap and save. Because from a value from 25,00 Euro we ship your picture frame free shipping within Germany (without islands). Simply create your desired picture frame made of coconut wood, raffia or with mother-occupied real wood in the cart. Then the ordering process through in a few steps and can immediately pay by PayPal, credit card or payment in advance. After receipt of your goods will be shipped immediately to you or your desired delivery address. Order them here!