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Bunzlau Keramik - now new at Wanthai!

What is special about Bunzlau ceramics?

A long tradition continues with the manual production of this Bunzlau ceramic. The manufactory, founded by Hugo Reinhold in the 19th century, produces high-quality and beautiful ceramics from natural stoneware. The underglaze decoration is applied piece by piece by hand and is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. With two firing processes at 800 ° C and 1250 ° C, the ceramic is given high strength and durability.

With this beautiful ceramic you buy a piece of tradition of value and natural beauty!

This ceramic is:

Dishwasher safe
Food safe
Free of harmful substances in ceramic mass and glaze
Suitable for storing food in the fridge

Some ceramics are even oven-safe and can be used and heated on hot plates.

We are really happy that we can offer these special and traditional ceramics for an exceptional table culture!

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