Herbal tea

Herbal tea: order loose and harmonious herbal tea mixtures cheap online

In the online shop for tea we offer a large selection of herbal tea loose and excellent herbal tea blends. All can be ordered conveniently. Which loose herbal tea do you prefer? A fine lemon grass tea from Thailand, a fancy licorice herbal tea, a natural Ayurveda Tulsi Lemon herbal tea or a classic Alpine panorama herbal tea? The wide range of herbal tea mixes, mainly from Thailand and China, will inspire you. Buy your favourite herbal tea loose online and order yourself to try one or more new varieties of delicious herbal tea blends. The small packaging units of 100 g of loose herbal tea and also the tasting set with 40g content each allow the manifold enjoyment of herbal tea at a reasonable price.

Herbal tea is a traditional drink worldwide

Tea from herbs is drunk in Germany, Russia, as well as China and Thailand for millennia. The term "tea" for the infusion from the herbal tea mixture is actually wrong. Herbal tea consists exclusively of dried leaves, plant parts and flowers and contains no tea leaves. In contrast to black, green and white tea, herbal teas (except mate tea) contain no caffeine and are therefore very suitable as a children's drink. From a medical point of view, herbs can have a soothing and emollient effect, which is why herbal teas are also used in conditions such as indigestion, menstrual problems, nervousness or insomnia.

Can I buy loose herbal teas without hesitation?

In the media one reads again and again messages over pesticide load of herbal tea mixtures. You can buy and drink all herbal teas offered in our tea online shop with a clear conscience. When buying tea, we rely on experienced and renowned tea suppliers who cultivate, harvest and process the herbs in accordance with ecologically sound methods and are specially certified for them. A supplier of high-quality herbal tea loose is, for example, the Hamburg tea factory Alveus. No matter which loose herbal tea you want to buy, whether Roiboos Kalahari tea from South Africa, Pandanus tea from Thailand or Energy oasis Mate tea, you can absolutely buy and enjoy our herbal teas.

Loose herbal tea mixes as an infusion drink are the perfect thirst quencher

Which flavour do you prefer with herbal tea? Sweet, slightly dry, spicy or refreshingly fruity? The drinking pleasure with our herbal teas knows no bounds. Well-tried herbal tea mixes from Ayurveda or new trendy flavours from the combination of leaves, flowers, flavours and fruits offer a wide potpourri. Sometimes a fruity refreshment with a lemon basil herbal tea, sometimes a spicy love tea to feel good, sometimes a fasting tea for weight loss. Enjoy the real taste experience from nature with a cup of herbal tea.

How do I prepare an aromatic drink from a loose herbal tea?

The precise dosage of the amount of loose herbal tea per liter of water, please refer to the packaging instructions, as these may vary. Pour the loose herbal tea mixture with bubbly hot water (100 degrees Celsius) and pour off the herbal brew after 5 - 10 minutes. Already you can enjoy your soothing cup of herbal tea.

How many cups of herbal tea should you drink maximum during the day?

Generally, you can use herbal tea as an absolute thirst quencher and drink limitless. For children, infants, sick people and pregnant women, herbal teas are a very healthy option for taking in fluids. However, there are special healing teas whose effects should not be underestimated. If the herbal extract is used as a medicine, you should take special herbal mixtures from medicinal plants only for a defined period of time and not on a permanent basis. Special healing teas are always provided with a reference to the recommended duration. All loose herbal teas offered for sale in our online shop are not to be classified as medicinal tea and can be drunk at any time without hesitation.

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