Thai flags

More and more people want to have an exotic, different kind of atmosphere in her apartment. So decorative items to be brought by various holidays, which can tell their own little story to some extent. In any case, you give the apartment a unique and individual living. Especially trips to Asia to keep to collect various exotic snacks from these regions and thus to beautify the apartment or at least a living room.

Asian flags

Particularly stylish beautify your living space with one of the flags offered from Thailand. A national flag or a Buddhist temple flag stand for election. So if you want to buy flags, then recommended, due to their differentiated appearance and meaning, both flags. Perhaps you set yes also according to Buddhist tradition, a temple area with a statue of Buddha in your living room a. In part then of course the Buddha temple flag. If you buy these flags, then get yourself a piece of Thailand in the domestic realm.

Thai State Flag

The 90 cm in length and 60 cm in width measured large Thai national flag is also called Thong Thrai - Rong. It was introduced in September 1917 by King Vajiravudh. Five horizontal stripes in red and white, one twice as thick (like white or red stripe) blue center stripe and then red and white to the edge, grace this Traitranga. It is particularly important that the strips are nine times as long as the width of each thin strip.

The colors are not selected at random and have their meaning. Thus, white stands for religion, red for the nation, and blue for the monarchical governance. Previously the flag was held only in red and white, but dark blue was, according to tradition, in the center colored, due to the color of the Saturday, which was promised happiness (Thai astrology), because it is the color of the birthday of the king. Other voices claim that the blue color would be done in accordance with the allied countries of the First World War, France, USA and Great Britain and the flag color.

Anyway, the flag is made in the finest craftsmanship and fits true to style an exotic decor with a Thai touch. Equipped with strap and belt, it can immediately be suspended. Buddha Temple flags If you set up in your living room a temple area with Buddha statue, this flag fits in yellow with red temple outstanding about this statue. Again, the colors are not chosen arbitrarily. Yellow background stands for the middle path and the red stamp on it means the practice blessing of perfection, wisdom, happiness, virtue and sublimity.

Manufactured in 100% handmade has the dimensions 90 cm long and 60 cm wide and is equipped with loops and ribbons, ready to hang also provided that flag. So if you want to buy flags to want to transform your living room into an exotic comfort zone, then these two flags are suitable with some other Thai decorative items ideal for this.

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