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Fruit tea is an aromatic and very wholesome drink that is warmly and coldly drunk very much. As an online tea specialist, we offer a wide selection of loose fruit teas in many flavours. Do you prefer a sweet fruit tea, a flowery, sweet, spicy or fine-tart fruit tea? The composition of the loose dried fruits is responsible for the aroma and taste of the fruit tea. Discover the versatility of loose fruit tea in our tea Online Shop. For testing, we offer the loose Alveus fruit teas in small packaging units of 100 grams or even in the tasting set. If you want to order your favourite tea, you can buy the bulk pack with 1 kilogram of loose fruit tea. This ensures that you buy the high-quality Alveus fruit tea with the fruit composition of your choice at the best price.

Fruit tea is not the classic tea but an infusion drink

Since the fruit tea in loose form, no tea leaves are mixed, the term tea is misleading in the traditional sense. Fruit tea consists exclusively of loose highly concentrated dried fruits, flowers or plant parts, which are refined depending on the mixture with herbs and spices. The distinction between herbal tea and fruit tea is not always clear in practice. In our online tea shop, we carry the colourful, fruity fresh tea blends, which for the most part consist of loose flowers and fruits, under the category fruit tea.

Are coarse cut and fine cut with loose fruit tea a quality feature?

The degree of comminution with loose fruit tea is not a quality feature. Rough cut refers to the size of flowers, fruits and plant parts from 2 to 15 millimetres in fruit tea. From fine cut one speaks with a size of 0.2 to 2 millimetres. If you buy fruit tea loose, you will usually receive coarse cut fruit tea, as well as when ordering in our online shop. Aroma and tea are not affected by the degree of crushing of the fruits. Rather, a handling of small teabags requires a small cut of the fruits.

Fruit teas - Quality is the deciding factor for exquisite enjoyment with loose fruit tea

The taste potpourri of the loose fruit tea mixture is very varied. Not alone the mixture of fruit tea blends is crucial for flavour and taste. Depending on the growing area, climate, soil and weather influence the fine nuances of the fruit tea. The careful harvest and processing of all components of the loose fruit mixture is very important. Flavoured fruit teas are additionally fortified with flavours and spices to refine or modify their taste.

In our online shop, we trust the high standards of the traditional company Alveus in the production and composition of loose fruit tea. Rosehip tea or apple hibiscus are the best-known types of fruit. Try a fine tea "Matum", with fresh fruity orange flavour, an extraordinary Amaretto cherry fruit tea, a sweet “Beerenauslese” herbal blend or the loose fruit tea "Good mood" with candied apple and papaya pieces. Let yourself be seduced by our online fruit tea range from Alveus to new taste experiences.

Does fruit tea actually have zero calories?

Fruit teas are a healthy alternative to fruit juices, taste good, are very digestible, usually contain no sugar and therefore have zero calories. When shopping, look for the composition of the loose fruit tea mixture. Fruit teas with candied fruits or flowers contain sugar and are therefore not calorie-free, but still very low in calories. In order to make your personal drinking pleasure varied, we recommend not only holding various fruit teas loosely, but also occasionally drinking herbal tea, white tea, black tea, wellness tea and even green tea. The various essential oils, bitter substances, vitamins and flavours have a beneficial effect on body and mind.

How is the loose fruit tea prepared correctly?

Put the loose fruit tea in a tea strainer or tea bag. Pour the loose fruit tea with boiling water. So the aromas, essential oils and vitamins from the dried fruits and flowers can dissolve well. The brewing time can be between 5 and 10 minutes and depends on your personal taste.

Already a minute longer, loose fruit tea can have a decisive influence on the colour and taste of the hot beverage. For the exact dosage and brewing time of the fruit tea mixture, you should therefore use the manufacturer information as a starting point. Take the tea strainer or tea bag with the loose fruit tea and enjoy your fruit tea hot or refrigerate it in the fridge in summer and serve the fruit tea with ice cubes as iced tea - a truly healthy and delicious thirst quencher.

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