SuperSOSO! Gifts for cute people
Tableware and cutlery

Here you will find a large selection of exceptional dishes. Plates, bowls, cups, baby bowls, cutlery, trays and more are waiting for you. The popular brand SuperSOSO! with their absolutely gorgeous motifs has its origins in Paris. The SuperSOSO! products are made in Thailand. They are the perfect gifts for almost any occasion - or just for no reason.

Make yourself or other dear people of your life a great pleasure. Because that's SuperSOSO!

Material: 100 percent melamine
100 percent dishwasher safe
Not suitable for microwave use.

SuperSOSO! Melamine crockery and cutlery for your kid's birthday

The SuperSOSO! crockery and cutlery made of shatterproof melamine is perfect for sweetening your birthday party! The colourful motifs with the cock Albert, the cactus, the monkey Charlie, the crocodile Croco, the cat Crazy Cat, the girl Jennifer, the zebra Michelle, the little Madame Maharadja, the two fish Mr. and Mrs. Fish, the Pink Flamingo , the little Stinky or the toucan birds Toucan Sisters will delight your child and the other little guests. You do not run the risk of breakage and can clean everything in the dishwasher after the party. Also as a present and a little souvenir of the beautiful day you can give the SuperSOSO! products to your little ones at the end of the day. Look forward to glowing children's eyes and a happy birthday child.

SuperSOSO! Melamine crockery and cutlery - the ideal camping companion

With the unbreakable and easy-care melamine crockery and cutlery, you can travel excellently. Especially for camping holidays, the products are well suited. Already on the drive in the car you and your children can consume taken away food. Arrived at the campsite, you will surely catch the eye with these coordinated plates, cups and cutlery. Simply everyone loves the absolutely sweet designs with the special human and animal personalities. We wish you unforgettable holiday moments!

Robust melamine crockery and cutlery for kindergarten, school and office by SuperSOSO!

The sturdy crockery such as plates, cups, trays and bowls, as well as the cutlery such as fork, spoon and teaspoon is ideal for traveling. Your child can easily take the shatterproof and lightweight pieces to kindergarten, school or even on trips. There, the SuperSOSO! products can also be used versatile outside of meals. The trays, for example, can help prevent pens and brushes from rolling off the table. They are a convenient storage for these writing and painting utensils. The cups, on the other hand, can serve as a water container to wash out the brushes at the table during painting and art classes. But not only little cute people love the great SuperSOSO! designs. Even the big ones are enthusiastic about motifs like Bubbles or Cactus. Cups, salad and cereal bowls and cutlery are wonderful companions for the work. During your lunch break you will envy your work colleagues. With SuperSOSO! Your life will be more colourful.

SuperSOSO! Neon Kitchen - Melamine crockery and cutlery in brilliant neon colours

Here in our shop you will also find many "Neon Kitchen" products. The series Neon Kitchen of the brand SuperSOSO! includes a variety of melamine crockery and cutlery. These include deep and flat plates, cereal and soup bowls, cups of various sizes, very flat cake plates and long spoons. Friends of Asian dishes will be pleased, because they too will find it in the Neon Kitchen series. Soup spoons in the Asian style, various sauces bowls and even chopsticks in bright neon colours are available here. All products are always available in the colours green, orange or pink and bring you a colourful, modern ambience home. We wish both young and old much joy with this versatile table decoration.

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