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Thai spirit house - original spirit houses a wide selection

A Thai spirit house reflects the tradition of Thailand and maintains the religious custom. Original spirit houses from Thailand, see our Thai Online Shop in a wide range. The Spirit House from wood produced in Thailand in the traditional way by hand and are available at a reasonable price in different colors and shapes. Buy your Thai spirit house patinated in brown, dark or golden-green easily.

Spirit houses Thailand - San Phra Phum - the shrine of nature spirits

A Thailand spirit house pays tribute to the spirit of nature respect, once a piece of land is cultivated. A spirit house is to appease the spirit (Phra Phum) for the loss of home built on the property. Depending on the size of the land a little spirit house is built on a column or built a great Thai spirit house. A Thailand spirit house is made of wood or plaster and richly decorated. In our online shop you can easily buy your spirit house Thailand. We carry spirit House in a size 26-72 cm.

Thailand spirit house - to bring magnificent miniature temple to the offerings

The Nifty Spirit House are very useful to the house to install a decorative altar in the apartment, in the massage or doctor's office. With the original Thai ghost houses bring a piece of Thailand into your environment and can maintain your usual traditions. Incense, candles and flower garlands for your sacrifices in the haunted house can equal in our Online Shop purchase the reqired.

Thai spirit house, carved from high quality teak

If you buy in our online shop a Thailand haunted house, purchase an original product Thailand. Each Spirit House was made by hand using traditional methods in Thailand and secures in Thailand valuable jobs. The lavish ornamentation of the Thai spirit houses, the ornaments, rockfish and carvings are taken from the symbolism of the Brahmin tradition. In our online shop you can every single handmade Thai haunted look in detail to make your selection. To do this, the preview image for the Thai spirit house just on the gray bar "Click to zoom". The bar appears when you move your mouse over the image of the Thai ghost cottage.

Spirit House Thailand buy - without shipping costs within Germany

If you have opted for a Thai spirit house, you can use this easily order online. Immediately after receipt of the haunted house will be sent to you. Details about distribution of handmade Thai spirit houses in Germany or abroad, please refer to the section "Payment and Delivery". From a value of 49.00 EUR delivery to private customers with DHL shipping charge within Germany.

Rules establishing your Thai Spirit House

The Brahmanical tradition from India forms for generations the rules establishing a ghost cottage and is tolerated by Buddhism and the monks. Monks instead of Brahmin priests can perform the ceremony for the inauguration of the haunted house. The preparation date for the Thai Spirit House is by an astrologer and is identical to the inauguration ceremony. The ritual for the inauguration of the Spirit house can take several hours. It is important that the ceremony is completed before 11:00 am, so the house spirit his first lunch time obtained as an offering and not out of tune.

A new Thai spirit house serves not only to honor Phra Phum, but also to appease other spirits who have stayed at the property. Whichever Thailand spirit house you buy, we wish you much happiness and welfare of the spirits.

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