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Soaps from natural ingredients for gently skin cleansing

More than 6,500 years ago the first soaps were invented and used by the people to perform daily cleaning her face and the entire body. Perfumed, expensive luxury soaps, however, were affordable at that time just for people who belonged to the state of the nobility. Subsequent high-quality natural soaps however, were made only from natural organically grown raw materials. Animal contents are avoided mostly still today in production of natural soaps. They are particularly suitable for gentle skin cleansing, because the glycerin remains intact. In the winter months as well as for cleaning and skin care of stressed and dry skin you should use exclusively soap, which was made from genuine raw materials by nature.

Big range of soaps with sorts like curcuma, rice milk, tamarind and jasmine

In the range of our natural soaps there is something for each skin type and taste. Traditional Thai soaps in sorts like curcuma, rice milc, tamarind and jasmine give you the possibility to choose. The soaps are handmade lovingly in Thailand according to approved traditional Asian recipes. They clean the skin soft and naturally. The soaps, processed from mild recipes, are partly suitable for cleaning dry skin. Therefore mild sorts are useful for skin care in the face, at the whole body, at cleaning private parts and at intimate shaving. Valuable active agents from nature also prevent ignition and skin irritation. They also regulate the natural moisture household of the skin.

Fragrant soaps for daily cleaning of the face and the body

Of course, you can use the soaps with their highly effective natural ingredients for cleaning and caring normal facial and body skin daily. In preparation additives from synthetic processing are quitted consequently. Our natural soaps do not contain softener or preservatives. The ingredients come from nature and therefore can be almost completely degraded naturally. Furthermore in soap production care is taken to that a part of the vegetable oils remain unhydrolyzed to achieve a moisturizing effect. Natural soaps like these ones are also suitable for allergy sufferers. They clean the skin thoroughly of metabolites on the skin. The slightly alkaline effect of the traditionally produced soaps regarding to old Asian recipes cause a strong source of the cornea, which lasts between two to three hours after skin care. During this phase, the skin regenerates the water - lipid mantle, which protects the skin reliable from drying out.

Long durability of natural soaps at appropriate storing

Mild soaps with pure herbal ingredients are also suitable for daily skin care of babies. The soaps, processed from pure natural herbal active agents, are especially fertile in use. Natural soaps should be stored dry, cool and dark, so that the valuable ingredients from nature survive a long time. At appropriate storing natural soaps can be preserved up to eighteen month, without losing efficacy of the ingredients. The higher the proportion of vegetable fat in a natural soap, the faster it should be consumed. A handmade natural soap always is a bit softer in its consistency than a soap made from synthetic materials. Therefore, a natural soap should always be given the opportunity to dry after use.

Extraordinary soaps in fruit, vegetable and blossoms shapes

Our highlight in the range of soaps are our extraordinary soaps, which have got special shapes and fragrances. You find our handmade fruit and vegetable soaps in many different sorts like grape, pineapple, banana, strawberry, orange, melon, citronella, grapefruit, papaya, but also mangosteen, coconut and corn. These beautiful shaped soaps have not only got the shape of their natural models, they also smell like them. Therefore they are and outstanding eye catcher for your bath and a wonderful special gift for friends and family. Also our scented blossoms in sorts like rose, jasmine, frangipani and lotus belong to the category of unique soaps. With its filigree blossom shapes and the gaudy colours they are wonderful accessories for decorating your bathrooms.

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