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Thai Art: Hand-Painted Paintings & Paintings from Thailand at discount prices

The art of painting has a long tradition in Thailand. Anyone who has already visited Thailand knows the colorful shining pictures and paintings with golden ornaments. Thai art often reflects religious symbols in the motifs, such as the Buddha leaf, the Buddha himself or the Buddha tree. As an online specialist for Thai products, we import personally-known craftsmen hand-painted structure paintings, Thai wall paintings, to make the beautiful Thai living accessories accessible to the world. Lovers of high-quality Thai wall decorations can be found in our Thai Online Shop. Choose one of the plastic textures to decorate your home, decorate your restaurant or massage studio in style. In the "Living" section you will find pictures and pictures of many other Thai furniture, Thai decoration and living room accessories and relief wall paintings original from Thailand.

What are the differences between Thai wall paintings and other wall paintings?

The Thai artist used a canvas and acrylic paints or oil colors as a basis for his painting. In contrast to conventional canvas painting, he lends the painting several levels. Through different structures and color sequences an almost three-dimensional effect is created. In Thai art painting, the creation of structure paintings is passed on from generation to generation. The material composition used for the craft of plastic wall paintings is usually a family secret. The filigree structures are worked into the paintings and pictures using various tools. In addition, it is important to know the religious backgrounds for the motif in each Thai wall painting to paint the Thai living accessories according to the rites.

Original Thai art is far more than a Thai home accessories

If you buy a handmade picture or painting from our Thai online shop, you can be sure that this Thai art work was handpainted in Thailand. On the other hand, the image was painted according to the symbolic prescriptions of Buddhism and Hinduism. So if you want to build an altar, a house altar or a memorial, the hand-made structural paintings with Buddha images are best suited for this purpose. However, the image of the Thai can also serve quite religiously. For the laity, for example, the wall painting with Ganesha motif represents only a very decorative painting, a Thai work of art. For a believer, however, the image symbolizes much more.

Where are the paintings and pictures painted in Thailand?

Due to the close connection of the Wanthai team to Thailand there are very good structures to local artists and craftsmen. To counteract the exploitation of workers and child labor in Thailand, the Thai wall decoration, such as pictures and paintings, is only related to this source of purchase. Regular inspections ensure compliance with the requirements. The Thai art of painting secures income for many families in Thailand. To Thailand, many business people and travelers in Thailand acquire Thai art, such as structures and paintings to decorate temples, restaurants, apartments, spa facilities, hotels and massage studios with the opulent Thai wall decoration. For travelers, the export of Thai art is often a transportation problem as well as a customs problem. If you order Thai wall decoration, like canvas painting in the Thai online shop, the picture will be sent directly from our warehouse in Germany to your home without the any formalities Are observed. Just like online, you will discover the different styles of our Thai art: like a tree painting with the Bai Po leaf, also known as Buddha leaf, decorative wall decor with Ganeisha motif or as Thai living accessory a handmade wall painting with filigree Lai Ganok ornament.

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