Asian cutlery like rice spoons, salad cutlery, serving spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, honey dippers, sugar spoons, knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons from Thailand

Wanthai Wellness & Living imports unique cutlery from Asia to Germany, exclusively for you. When it is bought in our web shop, we send the cutlery all over Europe. Already many Wanthai customers are happy owners of one or more of our special kitchen accessories. There are for example rice spoons, salad cutlery, serving spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, honey dippers, sugar spoons, knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. With our cutlery range you are steeled for each cause. From preparing over arranging up to eating delicious meals, all our products are wonderful kitchen helpers and real treasures for your table culture in the dining room.

High quality cutlery from solid wood like coconut wood, tamarind wood, mango wood, but also from stainless steel.

Our high quality cutlery range contains different materials. Like well-known in Asia, even salad cutlery, rice spoons, serving spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, honey dippers and sugar spoons are manufactured from solid wood and therefore are great kitchenware close to nature with unique grains. You as customer can provide yourself with cutlery from dark coconut wood, but also with light tamarind wood or mango wood, because of the different wooden colours. Sometimes the wooden goods are dappled optically, sometimes they are streaked by beautiful colour transitions consistently. There is every colour from light beige over honey yellow up to dark brown. Our range not alone has got wooden cutlery, there are also knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons as well as cake and dessert forks from stainless steel. They give the opportunity to dine in a high quality atmosphere.

Handmade cutlery for high quality kitchen appliances in style

Like nearly all products in the range of Wanthai Wellness & Living, also our cutlery has been handmade lovingly. In Thailand handicraft has got a long tradition. Here natural woods get a new meaning by experienced hands, while transforming into kitchen helpers. While they are sawing, carving and dragging, the wood-carver take care that the originally character of the wood and so also its soul survives.
Also our dishwasher-safe stainless steel cutlery is no mechanical made mass merchandise. Knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons are handmade by experienced Thais. This way really special pieces in unique designs arise. So the particular cutlery has got a look like a bamboo or like they have been knotted rope like. Also a noble hammer blow design is supplied at Wanthai.
Furthermore special chopsticks, also from stainless steel are in range. With them you get much appreciative compliments of your friends and family for sure at your next common meal. This unusual execution of the typical Asian cutlery is a valuable eye catcher for any household.

Cutlery boxes for storing chopsticks and cutlery easily

At Wanthai Wellness & Living you also get cutlery boxes from solid wood as a practically accessory. Partly chopsticks of a bigger amount are sold and delivered in such a box. Partly you can also just order such a cutlery box comfortably from home. This way you can store your cutlery easily and free of dust. Also your kitchen is always tidied up. Also the cutlery boxes are made of gorgeous natural wood and so are nice decoration accessories for your rooms.

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