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Thai mats, filled with high quality kapok, there is a wide selection to shop in Thai shop for Wellness & Living. A Thai mat with cotton cover suitable as a sleeping pad, yoga mat or mattress. A distinction is made between Thai mats to roll and Thai mats for folding. Each Kapok Thai mat has the advantage that it can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping pad, yoga mat or mattress in a very short time from the small format. Comfortable sleeping comfort is at a Thai mat with kapok filling is also given, such as high durability.

Why Thai mats are a yoga mat?

Thai mats and yoga mats are special mats on which one practices yoga or perform relaxation exercises. In addition, a yoga mat should be easy to carry, which is given at a Thai mat by folding or rolling mat mat. A significant advantage of Thai yoga mat made Kapok is that quality Thai mats less slip than conventional rubber mats or gymnastics mats. The skid resistance of Thai mats is an important safety point, to perform even the most difficult positions in yoga without problems. The Thai mats are usually 80cm to 110cm wide and 1.80m long. Already in ancient India and in Thailand natural materials were used for the production of Thai mats. Man used for Thai mats especially coir, jute or sisal. Very unusual materials for Thai mats were animal fur, which have been found to be impractical. The roll mats and folding mats from Thailand were filled with the high-quality natural fiber kapok and covered with a printed cotton fabric. It is at the Kapok Thai mat is a natural product without pollutants. At the beginning of the yoga boom you use initially in Germany as a yoga mat towels or cotton mats. These "mats" but in no way corresponded to the comfort and safety that can offer Thai folding mats and roll mats of Kapok. By Thai mats a slip on the wooden floor is prevented. Only in early 1990 first Thai mats produced specifically for yoga have been developed and sold in Europe.

Cheap Kapok Thai mats - the cheapest yoga mats

The quilted cheap Thai mats / yoga mats are imported directly from Thailand and are optimized for the German needs. One can at the Kapok Roll mat or folding mat of Thailand not only occasionally perform exercises. The Thai mat is due to the high quality kapok filling very comfortable and ideally suited for the execution of daily asanas and meditation exercises. High quality Thai mats are slip-resistant and sweat-absorbent. The mats filled with kapok offer a significantly higher level of comfort than ordinary, cheap yoga mats. With the Thai mats from our range you protect your spine and can lie comfortably and perform their exercises anyway. The Thai mats are made from natural kapok filling material, which is produced directly in Thailand. Very popular are the Thai mats are in green and Thai mats in red due to the wave-like arrangement of the chambers. These mats not only have a relaxing effect but massage the resting body parts easily. All Kapok Thai mats and yoga mats are rollable, easy to carry and can be tied with a ribbon, so the Thai mat can be transported easily to the yoga studio.

Thai mats - Kapok folding mats & Kapok rollmats in bright colors

The color of Thai pillows Thai triangular pillows and Thai mats has an effect on personal well-being. This is scientifically researched. The relation of Thai mats is often colored in traditional Thai colors. Widely used are as oranges or reds and yellow, so warm colors at the Kapok folding mats and Kapok rollmats. These are relaxing and calming and the pattern of Kapok Thai mats recalls the design of Thai temples, which are covered with soft tones and gold. In addition, for the printing of Thai are mat any nuances conceivable pastels, bright colors or patterns that pass without irritating contrasts together. Red Kapok Thai mats are stimulating, activating and stimulating. These mats designs increase the self-esteem and help with weakness and fatigue. acting Orange Thai mats building and performance enhancing, awaken creativity and reduce stress. Also sexual fatigue can be compensated by the color choice of the kapok mat. Yellow Thai mats are tonic and encouraging. Yellow yoga mats and yellow Thai mats improve concentration and take tensions and fears. Green Thai mats can bring the body and the soul in the balance. The color has a harmonizing effect. Through green Thai mats or green yoga mats preventing, nervousness and irritability.

Mats from Thailand - mats of high Kapok

In Thailand Thai Kapok mats are not an indispensable part of everyday life. In almost every Thai household are several Thai mats, as well as Thai pillows and triangle pillows. The Thai mats are used as a yoga mat, sleeping pad, mattress or guest bed. Many Wanthai customers buy repeatedly Thai mats after. As a gift or as friends from the gym are impressed by the high quality processing of yoga mat and the great design. Meanwhile, the inexpensive Thai folding mats and rollmats are world popular sports, home, garden, beach and also for massage parlors. The Thai mat is used as a sleeping pad, to make yourself comfortable on the terrace. If a guest bed needed the fold mat is unfolded and a picnic on the beach comfortable rollmats come from Kapok used. Besides the sleeping comfort and flexibility speaks very many customers the exotic living flair that can be achieved by the Thai mat on. Even on sailing ships and yachts, around Thailand to find colorful Kapok Thai mats and triangular cushions, to make it look stylish comfort on the high seas.

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Our Thai mats, folding mats and roll mats are all in stock and ready to be ordered in the online shop for original Thai products. Directly in the product description of the Thai mat he's delivery status deposited. Thai mat "available" means the supply of Thai mat takes place 1 - 2 days after receipt. Thai mat "Short was" signaled they should Thai mat order quickly to an unnecessary waiting time to avoid. With the words "Thai mat currently not available" can not be ordered the Thai mat date. Once the kapok mat has arrived from Thailand again, they may be reappointed. Convince yourself of the unique quality of Thai mats, enjoy the comfort of Thai mat from Kapok as a mattress, sleeping pad or yoga mat.

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