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White tea

Buy white tea in top quality cheap - Large selection of loose white tea

The White tea is the Königsteesorte. Was drinking white tea originally reserved only for the Chinese Emperor, this exquisite variety is now for sale worldwide. Due to the complex manufacturing process of white tea is one of the high-priced teas. In wanthai Wellness and Living, we offer you a wide selection of high quality teas online variety of white tea at a cheap price. Trust our selection of white tea and experienced Hamburger Teemanufaktur Alveus. All offered white teas are loose teas from renowned growing areas and are known for the friendly and professional production of white tea.

What is the difference of white tea to black or green tea?
All three teas are based on the same plant, camellia plant (Camellia Thea). However, the White tea is processed differently. White tea is made from the still closed tender bud, which is surrounded by a white fluff and is responsible for the white color. Fermentation occurs when white tea to only two percent, which is only possible in a natural way. The gentle processing the fresh, young and flowery aroma in white tea is maintained and developed in the enjoyment of tea unique effect. The difference between black or green tea is not only in color, even the mild taste, the valuable ingredients and good tolerability of white tea is extremely different from the siblings, the green and black tea from.

Quality characteristics of exquisite white tea
The white tea is classified into four main types, the highest quality reflects the White tea: Silbernadeltee resist. Second place Pai Mu Tan tea, ranks third ranked the Gong Mei and fourth in the White Shou Mei tea. Up to six gradations differentiate in the respective category of white tea.

What are the growing areas comes loose white tea?
Since the 11th century already the white tea in China is produced. Meanwhile, the production of white tea have been taken over all known regions. There are loose white tea from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to buy. Of course, the growing area characterizes the white tea very strong and can be seen clearly for tea lovers. In our online shop we offer exclusively exquisite white tea from China and Vietnam. Both regions are known for the unique mild white tea - an absolute treat for tea drinkers. The different varieties of white tea from the house Alveus can you buy in bulk pack of 1 kg particularly cheap online. If you're new to white tea or want to try out a new kind of tea of fine white tea, we recommend the trial size of 100 g Wi white tea.

How do I prepare loose white tea perfectly?
Loose White Tea should never be made with more boiling water. Use soft, boiled water, which is cooled to 75 degrees. Per liter of water you should use about 10 grams of loose white tea. The infusion of white tea should be between one and five minutes. The loose white tea you can, as well as green tea several times pour.
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