Environmental protection at Wanthai Wellness & Living

Dispatch according to the reusable principle

Did you wonder that the box you sent is not brand new or that your package contains filling material such as newsprint?

We ask for your understanding and would be happy to explain the background to you:
We at Wanthai Wellness & Wohnen want to strengthen our environmental awareness with this action. It is clear to us that as an online shop we send packaging material every day, which then becomes waste at your home.
By using newspapers and used but still good cardboard boxes, we recycle these materials. In this way, we avoid the use of additional packaging material that would unnecessarily pollute the environment both in production and in subsequent disposal.

The world concerns us all! If everyone pays a little more attention, we can make them a little bit better together. Thank you for your understanding and, above all, enjoy your products.

Your Kannika Khamphaeng and the Wanthai team