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An aroma lamp or fragrance lamp is usually a vessel that allows to heat essential oil on a source of heat and bring to evaporate. In Thailand a candle is used as heat source Traditional. Usually in the form of a tea light. It is also possible an electric aroma lamp or electrical Aroma lamp, at which the oil is heated with a light bulb. Lately, there are also electric aroma lamps, but which does not correspond to the traditional Thai idea of relaxation. The electrical oil burners, the oil on strip of cotton cloth, mostly brought gauze for heating and distributed through fans in the room Run. Really useful are the electric aroma lamps only with a possible aromatherapy, or in children's rooms, where should be no open flame.

Aroma lamps ceramic are the top

Aroma lamps you can buy in our online store in different forms. Depending on personal taste. The operation is very simple. Fill these oil lamps with a little water and a few drops of aroma oil essence, make into a tea light and enjoy the verströmenden fragrance. Fragrance lamps, also known as aroma lamps, are mainly used to change the indoor climate and this should if possible not be made electronically. Through a very good essential oil also has a slightly antiseptic effect can occur in space and thereby influence the sensory organs of humans and animals in the mood. Electronic pest control, however, are stuck with slides into the socket and send a very different scent than fragrance lamps, which are filled with high-quality oil.

Electric fragrance lamps are more suitable for the nursery

Wanthai only sells naturally produced Duftöllampen Thai style. Many fragrance lamps are also a focal point for the room. produced by hand Duftlampen ceramic are the most temperature and generally it can be said that the larger the bowl, the safer and longer the bulb lights. With beautiful fragrance lamps of glass may evaporate too quickly and then the fragrance lamp become very hot and tear and jump the glass by an oversight the liquid. Ceramic aroma lamps and soapstone oil burners are very popular, with soapstone tends also easy to tear. Ceramic aroma lamps and glass fragrance lamps are safer here. Also you should watch Duftlampen with very white, produced mainly in the Japanese style ceramic. The oil can in an imperfect enamel layer quickly seep into the surface and leave stains.

Fragrance oil and aroma oil

Oil, also perfume oil is called an essential oil that is added along with some water in the aroma lamp. was invented fragrance oil in Greece for skin care and as an additive for the bath water. Fragrance oil for fragrance lamps Incidentally, you can produce itself. Take flowers and stems of fragrant plants such as lavender and add into odorless oil, such as Almond oil. Now let the oil with the flowers stand in the dark for two weeks and always smell with the nose, when it is ready for you. If you think that fragrance oil is ready, seven off the debris and fill the oil in dark bottles. It is also possible, with lavender oil reboil the bit and then kept for one week in a dark glass before sieving the residue.

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