Thai seat cushion

Thai seat cushion - colourful Kapok Thai pillows

In our Thai online shop you will find a wide range of Kapok Thai pillows at an affordable price. Whether cushions, neck pillows, pillows or yoga meditation cushions, simply combine your favorite Thai cushions for your specific needs. The wide range of colourful Thai cushions, of shapes and colours, allows versatile applications. In addition, the favorable Thai pillows look very decorative with kapok filling in Asia Style.

Thai cushions filled with natural material Kapok

Especially as neck pillows, seat cushions and pads the Thai Kapok pillows are very suitable. The natural material Kapok in the Thai cushion is characterized by particularly good moisture and heat regulation. Sweat, produced when sitting or lying down is absorbed, so that the cheap Thai pad is not damp. In addition, dust mites shun with kapok filled cushions, which is an enormous advantage in the selection of the pad for allergy sufferers. Kapok Thai pillows provide not only for people with allergies, but are also a good alternative to conventional pillows. Colourful Thai cushions kapok inspire generally due to their versatility.

Kapok Thai pillows as a seat cushion and seat pad

Want more comfortable seats? A Kapok Thai pillows provides the optimal seat pad. Soft, comfortable, durable and water resistant, the Thai pillow fulfills all requirements of a seat cushion. Some of the kapok cushions come with ribbons, which serve to secure the pad on the chair or bench. The decorative Thai cushions in different sizes and shapes fit to most chairs and garden chairs and allow quick and wide range of colours perfectly combine the device. Kapok Thai pillows in order to make it the most comfortable at a picnic on the floor or on the football grandstand.

Thai cushions for physiotherapists and massage parlors

Not only in private, also in the therapeutic range Kapok Thai pillows are very popular. The versatility and robustness of Thai pillows makes it a true all-rounder. As dimensionally stable and pleasant pad support Kapok Thai pillows in massage and physiotherapy. The optimal characteristics of Thai Pillows: heat and moisture regulation, high strength and durability are given in any form of Thai cushions kapok and offer high comfort. In addition, can be quickly conjure colorful Thai pillows a cozy atmosphere. During the massage parlor, the Thai spa ambience is complemented by Thai cushions, in physiotherapy or medical practices the sober air is broken up by Thai cushions.

Thai cushions kapok in Asia online store

Buy cheap in Thai online shop we perform not only a wide range of Kapok seat cushions: Thai pillows, neck pillows, mattresses and yoga cushions for meditation in typical Asian pattern. Under the heading "Living", see triangle cushion, yoga mats, mats and Thai cushions in identical patterns that are available in other forms: as a triangle cushion, as a cube or a Chinese pad that resembles a figure eight. Larger versions of Kapok Thai pillows suitable for chairs and can be designed cylindrical, square or polygonal. So you can have a comfortable combination of favorable Kapok Thai pillows and Thai mats, original handmade in Thailand.

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