Massage accessories for original Thai massage and wellness 7 Items

Massage Wood Uni tricorne smooth hardwood trigger point massage
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Pump dispenser in coconut and raffia for massage oils and cremes
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Dispenser tap spout for massage oil canisters
7,12 &chf; *
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Chakra Stones Set 7 pieces in box with instruction
40,53 &chf; *
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Zen relaxation relaxation massage music original CD
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Hot Stone Set of 36 stones in Bamboo Box
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Hot Stone Set of 45 stones in Bamboo Box
109,65 &chf; *
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Massage accessories for original Thai massage and wellness

Massagers and massage accessories like Massa tree species and massage tables buy online. In Hengrong Wellness & Living, the Thai shop for massage and spa accessories, you can find a wide selection of: massage clothes, Massa tree species, heating pads, towels, robes, oil lamps, decorative objects, as well as books and CDs for the Thai massage. We also offer a wide range of massage tables, which are made partly individually made to measure.

The offer is aimed at massage parlor operators, physiotherapists, beauty salons and spa facilities, as well as to individuals who are looking for special aids around massage and wellness. Browse the Thai Online Shop and bring variety to the massage. Whether with Hot Stones, special massage woods or individual towels in wanthai Wellness & Wohnen buy accessories and massage equipment of the highest quality.

Tested massage accessories and massage equipment by professionals
Program offered by the Thai Massage Online Shop Accessories and spa accessories will be chosen with the utmost care and tested in our own Thai massage studio in Herrenberg. Not only the opinions of massage clients about the massage accessories are crucial to pass the product test. The Thai masseuses test the massage accessories such as heating pads, Massa tree species and massage clothes on functionality and practicality. Many products, such as the tree species Massa, massage bars, the oil burners, massage clothes and decorative artificial flowers are original products from Thailand. For towels, bath towels and bathrobes wanthai Wellness & Living trusts the prestigious brand Gull sustainably create their terry goods in Germany. The wide range of massage tables and massage chairs is made up of branded products, as well as from custom-made massage tables. These are carried out by our experienced partner in the Black Forest to customer specifications.

What are massagers?
Massagers are tools that come, for example, in the original Thai massage used. These massagers support the action of the masseuse / masseur or allow an extension of the spa, massage treatment, or allow the relaxation before the massage. Herbal Heat Packs for example be placed like before the Thai massage, so the muscles relax. Massagers Wooden massage rods allow a targeted pressure build without much effort. The massager Hot Stones, however, is a special massage accessory that allows in combination with the Hot Stones Heater provides an individual treatment. In the product descriptions of massage accessories in Thai shop the special fields of application of the massage device are described in detail. Whether for professional massage or private use, the massagers are suitable of the highest quality and for wellness and massage.

Massage accessories for a pleasant feel-good atmosphere at low prices
Fragrant scents, soft materials, fresh flowers are just three examples to create a pleasant atmosphere at the Thai massage or spa studio. In Thai online shop we carry decorative and practical massage accessories. Delicate Thai art flowers, so you can decorate the massage room pretty, different Duftöllampen for a relaxing aromatherapy and massage oil warmers, bring the massage oil to body temperature. The decorative accessories Massage comes directly from Thailand and enchants even a private bathroom quickly in a pleasant massage room. Do not forget; a massage or spa treatment, should always address all the senses. In wanthai Wellness & Living you will find cheap massage accessories that a great effect is achieved and the customer helps to relax.

For more comfort buy massage accessories and massage equipment
If the entire massage studio / beauty salon is equipped with standard massage tables, Gull towels, bathrobes and Gull massagers, this reflects a high quality standard. Are even the employees ausgestattetet more uniform and convenient massage clothes, including Fisherman pants and functional T-shirts, so the customer will entrust the masseuses and masseurs without hesitation. Whether in Thai Massage, in Physiopraxis or in the salon, professional massage equipment and uniform massage accessories shows the customer at a glance that he is dealing with professionals. Details for the professional establishment of massage parlors massage accessories and massage devices, we have put together "Salon Equipment Massage" for you in the article.

Trust when buying Massagezubhör for massage and spa on our experience and expertise. For questions, the Wanthai Wellness & Living team can help.