Traditional elephants figures, elephant carvings, elephant furniture, elephant wardrobes, business equipment and kitchenware with and in elephant shape

You love elephants and would like to integrate those wonderful pachyderms into your room decoration concept? In this case the online shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living is the right contact point for you. Here you get elephants of all kinds. Be it as a figure in different sizes, as gorgeous carving and reliefs in various kinds or even as furniture like a stool in elephants shape. Also wardrobes with elephant’s trunks as clothes hooks are in the elephants range. Exactly like with elephants decorated business equipment like flyer holder or also pots in shape of a decorated exemplar of the loved trunked animal. This various choice makes it possible to find the fitting accessory for each taste. With just a few mouse clicks ordered and payed, the chosen elephant product will be delivered in a breath to your desired address.

Handmade elephant`s effigies and cans from wood, brass and ceramic, originals from Thailand

The offered elephant products at Wanthai are all handmade pieces from artistic craftwork. They are imported to Germany from Thailand, the land of smiling. Seeing these wonderful elephants, you recognize their uniqueness, because of the worked into details, which make the animals look deceptively real. According to the size and the details, the talented carver sit up to many weeks or months at one exemplar. As basic material mostly different solid woods like teak wood or acacia are taken, but also metals like brass.
Kitchenware like our elephant pots and gravy boats are made of high quality ceramic. The wonderful blue and white pattern has been brushed by hand and brings the typical Asian look of the dishes. Therefore it is perfectly usable for Asian restaurants or hotels. Also in private use these unique kitchen accessories build an optical eye-catcher, which guaranteed stand out anybody.

The elephants and their meaning in Asia

All over Asia, but especially in Thailand the elephant has got a high status, which is culturally determined. Particularly the grey pachyderms with raised trunks are considered as lucky charms and are worshiped. In the dictionary of Wanthai Wellness & Living you can find further information about the meaning of the elephant. We wish you much fun while browsing and getting to know Thai culture.

Figures and carvings of Ganesha, the god with elephants head

From time to time you also find effigies or carvings of the elephant god Ganesha in the web shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living. The god with elephant head is worshiped in Hinduism, but also in Buddhism. It is considered also as lucky charm. Beside his elephant head, also his four arms and the one tusk, which he lost in a battle according to the legend, are the characteristics of Ganesha.

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