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Groomed from head to foot with products of Wanthai Wellness

In the online shop of Wanthai you get many different body care products, with which you can pamper yourself from head to foot. Our hair care, skin care and dental care products with natural herbal ingredients bring real wellness moments to you.

Hair care products with natural ingredients

In our hair care category you find different shampoos, which all consist of natural ingredients and are free of parabens and alcohol. They use the curative power of plants like camomile, horsetail, birch tar, nettle and hops to care the hair and scalp of different conditions competently. Also for really damaged hair you find a conditioner for strengthening and regenerating.

Skin care products like shower gel, bath salts, but also accessories like soap dispensers

Our category of skin care products contains shower gel, but also bath salts in many different sorts. Also the amounts vary and so, up to your taste and need, you can get 570g bath salt in a glass flacon, 600g bath salt in plastic bottle with screw-cap or 1kg bath salt in paper bag. The sorts vary from lavender, over ocean, rose, coconut, apple, jasmine up to raspberry, lemon, orange, pomelo and pine. There is something suitable for everyone. There are also fitting accessories for body care to find in this category. For example there is a big range of ceramic soap dispensers. These ones have been handmade from high-quality Siladon ceramic in Thailand and imported to Germany afterwards.

Natural soaps also in unique fruit and blossom shapes

Our big range of soaps merits an own category in our shop. Here you find gorgeous scented soaps and natural soaps with great ingredients like curcuma, tamarind, jasmine and rice milk. These wonderful soaps have been processed and formed in Thailand according to traditional recipes. Some of them even look like small fruits or blossoms. Those ones are deceptively real effigies of their real models and also smell like them. Some soaps are available also in wonderful blossom shape and can sweeten your body care moments in the bathroom as decoration accessory.

Twin Lotus toothpaste and toothbrushes from Thailand

If you are looking for the optimal tooth cleaning and care for your teeth and gingival, order and test our original Thai toothpaste of the company Twin Lotus. Avoid irritation and inflammation in your mouth with a high amount of original Thai herbs without fluoride. All Twin Lotus toothpastes are made of herbs. At that they have taken care of different needs and states of teeth. So in our great range you can choose between the sorts "ten herbs", "menthol", "active charcoal", "salt" and "sensitive". People who travel a lot can choose our comfortably travel sizes. Also the needed toothbrush you can buy in our web shop of Wanthai Wellness.

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