Fabric handkerchiefs - large selection of dispensers for paper towels

In Thailand you use every possibility to embellish and decorate things. So also Taschentuchboxen. With nice donuts made of cloth for paper towels you have found an option to integrate the Thai decoration everywhere. Even in the smallest guest toilet, a pretty handkerchief box looks like a stylish element, which was selected by the owner with attention to the detail. The different Thai patterns, colors and shapes of the fabric tissue box allow for variable use. For every purpose, the perfect dispenser for paper towels, Kleenex, cosmetics or handkerchiefs can be found. Just browse the Thai online shop and discover the variety of Thai deco wraps for paper towels in typical Thai design with elephant motifs and embroidery. Or modern designs of handmade fabric handkerchiefs.

Thai fabric handkerchiefs are unique and handmade

Hard-working seamstresses in Thailand produce the pretty Thai decoration wraps made of fabric. Shiny, matt, coarse and fine fabrics are used to make various tissue boxes. While the fabric covers are sewn and embroidered, the boxes for paper handkerchiefs require even more craftsmanship. The individual parts of the Kleenexbox are cut from coconut wood, covered with pre-treated fabric and then assembled into a box. The third form is the cloth box made of bast. In traditional craft, typical Thai patterns are woven into the Thai jewelery boxes for Kleenex made of bast. For every dispenser, it is important that the tissues can be easily filled with new cosmetics and the removal of the Kleenex is working perfectly.

Which towels can be used to fill the handkerchiefs from Thailand?

It can fill all the usual handkerchiefs in the fabric and bast handkerchiefs. Remove the Kleenex from the standard carton and place the folded stack directly into the cosmetics box. Make sure that you do not destroy the folding of the stack in order to ensure perfect unfolding and thus the removal of the paper towels from the decorative cover. Then you only need to wear the first cosmetic towel as usual and the next one is automatically pulled through the slit of the fabric cover or box.

Are the bast, coconut and fabric handkerchiefs shipped from Thailand?

No. All paper towel dispensers are handmade in Thailand. However, the distribution and dispatch of the cosmetics box is via Wanthai Wellness & Living in Germany. As a specialist for Thai products, we import the paper towel dispensers from Thailand and ship every order directly from our warehouse in Germany. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that you purchase an original Thailand product with a Thai handkerchief. After payment of the order / payment the dispatch within Germany is by DHL. Of course, we also send the Kleenex boxes and cloth covers for paper towels abroad. In order to save you shipping costs, we recommend you to browse through our online shop. You will surely discover more interesting articles in the world around Thai furniture, Thai decorations and massage accessories from Thailand.

Dispensers for paper towels in Thai design - decorative and practical

With the purchase of a decorative handkerchief made of bast, coconut or a fabric bag you can beat several birds with one flap. From now on, you will always have handkerchiefs wherever you are needed, and still you do not have to do without design. Decorate your bathroom, your bedroom, your massage studio or your hair salon with a decorative and practical accessory, a nice handkerchief from Thailand.

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