Bowls from Thailand

Thai bowl made of wood, ceramic, rattan or aluminum

Bowls from Thailand have a very long tradition. These are used on the most diverse occasions. Thai bowls are used for presentation and storage. In virtually every household, Thai dishes are made of ceramics, wood or aluminum. In a bowl from Thailand, for example, artificial flowers or jewelery can be presented skillfully. In addition to the purpose of storage, Thai shells made of wood, ceramics or aluminum are mainly used for decorating purposes.

Thai bowl made of aluminum ceramic or rattan for thaimassage

Artfully designed Thai dishes made of rattan, aluminum or ceramics are often used for the storage of massage oils. The oils, which are often stored in small glass bottles, are immediately ready to hand when they are used, for example, for traditional Thai massage. To put the massage oil off is the use of decorative shells from Thailandsinnvoll. For example, an aluminum plate with a foot or a rattan bowl to the storage area ensures a smooth and clean workflow during the massage.

In what sizes are there Thai bowls to buy?

Depending on the application area of Thai shells made of aluminum, rattan, wood or ceramics different sizes have been designed. For small decorative objects small aluminum shells with high or flat edge are available. Alu plates with feet, special aluminum rice bowls, aluminum or fish bowl are just a few examples for the purpose of the versatile Thai bowl made of aluminum. For heavier or larger objects such as glass bottles or dishes, there are large Thai dishes made of metal or wood. The traditionally crafted Thai wooden bowls are decorated with colorful or white glitter pieces and thus get their classic appearance.

Thai wooden dishes and Thai ceramic dishes are often used as tableware

Especially the Thai wooden dishes are used not only for massage, but also as tableware, for serving food. Thai ceramic bowls are particularly hygienic as they are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned very easily and effectively by hand. Even with frequent use, the Thai ceramic bowl loses nothing of its beauty and presents itself after a long time to tables in its full splendor. Thai wooden bowls are also beautiful elements for decoration.

Thai aluminum shells as sacrificial shells

Thai aluminum shells are often used for religious purposes in Thailand itself or in Thailand. In Buddhist temples, they belong to the inventory as well as to the cultivated household in Thailand. These Thai bowls are produced by hand in Thailand, according to ancient craftsmanship. The golden or silver colored Thai bowl is embellished from outside and inside with symbols, such as flower patterns. The decorations are cut into the Thai bowl at predefined regular intervals. The patterns used for traditional Thai aluminum dishes are also reflected in the architecture of Thai temple installations.

Golden and silver-colored Thai aluminum shells at an affordable price

Thai aluminum bowls are often offered in silver or golden color. The very cheap Thai dishes are mechanically pre-produced for cost reasons and hand-screwed after the traditional Thai patterns. High-quality aluminum tha shells are made of thick aluminum sheet. Thus, a bending of the Thai aluminum shells is not possible. The greatest advantage, however, is that the aluminum tha shells thus produced are stainless.

Thaischalen from wood, aluminum or ceramics online

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