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Thai mats, buy mats filled with kapok with great Thai decor online. In Thailand shop Wellness & Living there is a wide selection of Thai pillows Thai roll mats, yoga mats, triangular cushion, seat cushion and more. Kapok mats from Thailand vary in shape, filling thickness and color, as well as in rolling mats and folding mats. Sorting the Thai mats in the online shop under the headings: "triangle pad", "pad Thai" and "Thai mats, Thai mats & yoga mats" facilitates orientation.

Thai mats and Thai cushion with natural kapok

Both the Thai mats, Thai Seat and neck pillow and triangular cushions offered by wanthai are filled with untreated kapok fibers. Kapok are natural plant down from the kapok tree. Since kapok fibers have an air pocket of 80%, these fibers are after Pappelflaum as the easiest and most natural hollow textile fibers. The kapok fibers all have a natural wax coating, which ensures the water drips off very well. Kapok seat cushion and kapok Thai mats are therefore preferably used on yachts and boats as a seat cushion. The seat cushion would even float on water. Kapok is now being used because of its excellent properties as impact sound insulation in floors and used for shirts. The filling of Thailand mats and cushions is 100% Kapok natural fiber. The Thai mats are original manufactured in Thailand by hand.

Thai mat, triangular pillows and Thai pillows buy online cheap

Meanwhile Thai mats and even in children are used as a sleeping mat or relaxing mat, because you absorb water and are naturally produced without pollutants. Thai mats can be rolled up or folded together and stored as a space-saving. Matching the rolling and folding mats you will find a wide range of other Thai cushions, such as Triangle cushion, checkered, folding cushions, folding mattresses, rolled mattresses, Thai, yoga mats, meditation, Seat, bolsters, Croissant, bone and papaya neck pillow, and folding and seat cushion. The Thai mats and Thai cushions are available in many color combinations. Thai mats up to a width of about 85 cm to buy very cheap.

Buy neck pillow from Thailand for the flight

Our Thai neck pillow in the shape of a bone or a typical croissant neck pillow to buy mainly for sleeping on the chair and on the plane. You can clearly better sleep on the plane, if you. A neck pillow, filled with kapok to have your neck Buying especially a croissant neck pillow if you travel a lot by plane, or front passenger in the car. The head falls thanks Thai pillows not to the side and you can sleep relaxed. Thai Neck Pillow with kapok are very low. As the demand for neck pillow for the plane is very large, we have a vast selection at very reasonable prices in stock. Buy the neck pillow from Thailand directly from our online shop.

Buy Thai cushions and support online

Thai cushions, also called Thai pillows are not very comfortable and natural. You get with Asian Seat something far eastern tradition home. The Asian Seat also be used on the boat, sailing boat or yacht as a support or seat cushion. With us you buy a Kapok Thai Seat of excellent quality. This gives them sitting high comfort, relaxation and tranquility. In many cases, the Thai seat cushion as a support, floor cushions, pillows or Yoga meditation cushions are used. 35 x 35 cm is ordered the Thai Seat especially in sizes 35 cm. It is considered the most popular seat cushion. Although there may be more Thai cushion with 50 x 50 cm. but these are not so popular.

Buy Thai mat yoga mat as low

Very popular are Thai mats with kapok filling for Yoga in size 180 cm. x 85 cm. in green and red. area are used only Thai mats with kapok filling in Premium In many exclusive yoga studios in the US. Roll portfolios or folding wallets filled with kapok can be resized easily and take it to yoga class. For meditation or asana yoga mat from Thailand ensures optimal training base. The filler Kapok the yoga mat is water repellent, which is why sweat is absorbed. The optimum filling of kapok Yoga mat ensures that there is a good fit for all yoga exercises. Depending on personal taste, there are the Thai mat as yoga mat in different designs, printed with elephants, flowers or other Thai patterns. Thai cushions in the same style complement the yoga equipment to facilitate the long mediation or other exercises.

Use mats Thailand as resting mat or guest bed

With the flexible roll mats and folding mats from Thailand single extra bed is quickly created. The stuffed with kapok Thai mats need not curled or folded plenty of storage space. If necessary, you create even the smallest apartment with a Thai mat your mat or guest bed. Also to sleep outdoors for camping and tents are mats filled with kapok very popular. The Thai mats are available with different filling thicknesses and various sizes up to 2 x 2 meters, which corresponds to a sleeping pad the size of a double bed. Outdoors Thai mats in the form of roll mats and folding mats are often used for picnics or as a mat for lying on Badeweiher. The water-repellent and warming properties of Thai mat from Kapok prove to be very pleasant here.

Cotton-coverthe Thai mats & Thai pillows protects kapok

Whether Thai mat, yoga mat, triangle cushions, roll mat, seat cushion or neck pillow, all Thai pillows and mats are fitted with a cover made of 100 percent cotton. The quality reference was provided with an individual prints and stuffed by hand with kapok. For the living area, as well as direct contact with the skin and Thai mats Thai pillows because of their good skin compatibility and optimum properties, therefore very well suited and to use safely for all purposes. To make the children comfortable corner there is hardly a more suitable base, in a Thai mat and Thai cushions.

Cleaning the Kapok cushions and Thai mats

The comfortable seat cushions, have both yoga, as well as a normal seat cushion, as the Thai mats, all kapok fibers as a filling. Thai Seat should not be cleaned with the washing machine, otherwise may break the fibers and the wax may peel off. It is better to wash the stains of Thai neck pillows, seat cushions and mats with the hand. Since the kapok fibers should be washed at 60 degrees no, please do not use to warm water. After kapok, as the filling of Thai mats and Thai pillow must not be heated.

Thai Mat & Thai pillows durable and robust

The high quality natural fiber kapok, combined with a robust cotton cover is an optimal combination for durable Thai pillows and Thai mats. The intermediate seams every Thai mat and each pad Thai are also a sign of quality, as well as the proper tamping of kapok fiber. Each online store offered for Wellness & Living Thai mat, to fold and roll, as well as any Thai pad was produced by hand in Thailand and subject to careful quality control. You can be sure to buy a top quality product from Thailand.

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