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Boxes made of wood

Embellish with beautiful boxes and cans from traditional manufacturing your home. Latest cans and boxes of wood or ceramic, some filled with carved soap flowers in hand-painted boxes. Check back occasionally into this category, here we are always expanding our range, new container with goods arrive monthly.

What types of cans are there?

These doses are preferably decorative items that are purchased for the purpose of storage of small items. Now these cans and boxes made of wood and other materials should not only these small objects, such as jewelry and similar record, but also serve the decoration and beautification of your own four walls. So so many things here ordered jewelry box remains safe empty and delighted its owner simply with its beauty. The variety of cans and boxes results partly from the materials and the design on the other, the origin of the small and practical beauty. Imported from various countries around the world, including coconut wood crates from Thailand and Tuya-Wooden Boxes from Morocco, can be found here in this online store again and draw a picture of the wide variety of craftsmanship of the box production worldwide.

What kind of wood the wanthai cans and boxes are carved?

Lacquered boxes and crates, to the often portraits of everyday scenes from the life of the box manufacturers and artisans are applied, often made of mango wood or the wood of trees samena. Boxes and cans in which the surface and grain of the wood to remain visible, are often made of the very beautiful coconut wood or wood of the sugar palm. Especially noble drawn surfaces can be drawn with the wood of the Tuya tree. The surface of the boxes and cans is ground extra smooth it after assembling the boxes. A very high gloss with highly visible wooden structures is then the reward for this effort. Striking are the high quality inlays that arise in the surface of the box by inserting different colored woods. Patterns that are reminiscent of a skillfully laid parquet floor of a royal palace as Versailles or Sans Soucci arise, so miraculously. And in a changing perspective on the most beautiful patterns emerge.

What can be stored in small cans of wood?

In the cans and boxes offered here for sale preferably be small items, such as jewelry, coins or keys for the house and yard, kept. It often happens that small importances need a secure repository so that they can easily and in time be found quickly. Exactly for these purposes offer these wooden boxes and wooden boxes.

Where can cans and boxes are bought as decorative items cheap?

We buy and import the most beautiful and technically demanding cans and wooden boxes for you. And here in wanthai wellness and living webshop you can order these cans and boxes online. Since 2006, we ship all the items simply by post to our very satisfied customers. Join them now right here and try our great products from around the world! Enjoy our service about health and Living.

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