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Herbal stamps & herbal compresses for the whole body

Choose here, whether you prefer herbal stamps with or without additional flower scent & get directly to the appropriate herbal compresses from our range.

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Herbal stamps for the whole body - body stamps

Herbal stamps for the body massage differ in size, in the herbal filling and in the amount of herbs. They are also named body stamps, because they are used at the full body massage. Our Thai herbal stamps for the full body massage are produced in own cultivation. In accordance to traditional recipes of the Thai ancestors the special herbal blends are collected together.
Since 2006 we buy the herbal stamps for the full body as also all other offered herbal products for massage at the manufacturer in Thailand. Therefore we can guarantee top quality at cheap prices. Only the best herbs are harvested by hand directly before processing gently. After cutting and drying of all herbal stamps ingredients the right mixture is filled into cotton towels.

Herbal stamps for the body with and without additional blossoms

Gloriously original Thai fragrance is spread while massaging with the body stamp. The positive relaxing feel of your customers is supported additionally by the use of our Thai herbal stamps for full body massages. The herbal stamp massage has got an effect, which is similar to a hot stone massage. Warmth and gently pressure act on the body directly via the skin. At Wanthai Wellness you get quantity discount, even at an ordering amount of two pieces of herbal compresses, body stamps or herbal stamps for the massage!

What is the difference between the herbal stamps for the full body with and without blossoms?

Which kind of body stamps do you prefer at a full body massage? Do you like a strong and rough herbal fragrance, which smells like original traditional Thai massage? In that case the herbal stamps for the whole body without additional blossoms are the right thing for you. If you prefer on the contrary floral smell, you should use an herbal stamp for full body massage with additional blossoms. You can massage while or after your traditional Thai massage with the loved hot body stamps, which are filled bulgingly with original Thai herbs. Pleasant warmth spread at the herbal stamp massage all over the body. Via the skin and the muscles the stamps obtain an additional healing and soothing effect. With the body stamps you achieve a better blood circulation and so a higher benefit. Your customers will thank you, because they will feel better after being massaged and they will book a new appointment at your parlour. You can also read more information about our different herbal stamps in the customer ratings.

How do I use herbal stamps at full body massage the right way?

You can use the herbal stamps of Wanthai as easily as stones at a hot stone massage. You take one or more body stamps out of their airtight package and lay them in cold water. Please do not use warm water, otherwise the important herbal extracts go into the water, but these ones should stay in the stamp until the application starts. After the dried herbs are full with water, after about 10 to 15 minutes, lay the stamps into a pot for steaming them. This can happen in a conventional pot, in a vegetable steamer or in an herbal stamp warmer. Also a rice cooker with just a little water is usable perfectly to steam your herbal stamps actual afore the massage. You should preheat your device, so that there is no waiting time for warming the herbal stamps.

How can I order herbal stamps for full body massage with or without additional blossoms?

You just have to choose your desired category here in the Shop of Wanthai Wellness. Just choose whether you would like to order traditional herbal blends or herbal stamps with additional blossoms. For buying you just put the wished herbal stamps in desired amount into your consumer basket and implement the short ordering process.