Wellness Tea

There is no limit to the variety of wellness tea

Wellness teas are a delicious treat for body and soul. Loose Wellness teas with fine aromas and wonderful scents relax, calm, invigorate and energize. But there are also excellent wellness teas to help you lose weight and purify your diet. Excellently matched herbs, flowers and aromas provide the recreational effect when drinking. Discover your favourite tea from the wide selection of fine, loose wellness teas and buy the high-quality wellness tea online.

Wellness tea and everything related to relaxation at Wanthai Wellness

Wanthai Wellness & Living is a specialist when it comes to wellness. Not only loose, wonderfully delicious wellness teas can be discovered online. Under the rubrics of massage accessories, herbal stamps, body care and living, we offer a large assortment for all those who are interested in pleasurable relaxation. We bring many beautiful and helpful products from the world of well-being to your home. Create a harmonious ambience - a wellness oasis to unwind. Especially for tea connoisseurs, there are both typical Thai wellness teas, as well as tea ceramics.

Loose wellness tea to calm down and relax

Sit back, let go and forget the worries of everyday life. Can a cup of wellness tea really help? Yes, of course. The used herbs, plants, roots, flavours and flowers for the wellness tea influence the effect of its essences. A golden cup of lemongrass tea from Thailand not only has a soothing and relaxing effect, it also has a purifying effect on the composition. Already the scent of a soothing and relaxing wellness tea signals your nervous system to come to rest. By drinking the wholesome essence of loose wellness tea, the entire organism is positively influenced. Melissa, chamomile and fennel definitely have a calming effect.

Loose Wellness Tea to activate the spirits is called Power tea
Ginger, pepper and chili have an invigorating effect on the organism. Do you feel slack and powerless? Then activate your spirits, your digestive juices and your power with a cup of stimulating wellness tea. The loose Aloe Vera Wellness Tea from Alveus, for example, contains spicy spices and also fruits, leaves and roots, making it an excellent drinkable source of energy. Take advantage of the positive properties of wellness teas to start the day with vigor.

Can Wellness Tea help with a diet?

This question has to be answered three times with a clear "yes". On the one hand, the special wellness tea compositions support the detoxification and purification of the body. On the other hand, it is advisable with every diet to consume a lot of low-calorie fluid. This is excellent with high-quality loose tea, without the addition of sugar. The third positive feature of loose wellness tea for fasting is the reduction of hunger. Loose wellness tea with mate, such as the "Alveus fasting tea" inhibit the craving for food. Depending on the mixture, loose wellness tea can increase the calorie consumption, detoxify or even slow cravings.

How is loose wellness tea prepared correctly?

To properly prepare wellness tea, brew the loose wellness tea with boiling hot water (100 degrees Celsius). After a brewing time of 5 to 10 minutes, the active ingredients and aromas have dissolved from the Wellness tea. A wonderful scent will accompany you during the preparation of the wellness tea. Now you only need to drain the loose wellness tea and you can enjoy it in peace. Pure wellness - sip by sip.

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