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Solid wood furniture, solid wood and burl buy cheap

In our Thai online shop you will find solid wood furniture and furniture made of solid wood and root wood in typical Asian style. You can individual pieces such as solid wood tables and chairs burl order online or buy whole sets low. On this page you will find burl wood stools, tables of burl wood and garden furniture from burl wood. All of the furniture offered here hardwood come directly from Thailand. In typical Thai style all unique pieces are made exclusively for you. Every month take container from Thailand with new exceptional furniture. In keeping with the existing wooden fixtures for outdoor installations and conservatories.

The solid wood furniture is all handmade, finely sanded and painted, so that these even in the rain can be outside once. Excellent processed each Vollholzmöbel piece unique. This furniture is extremely robust, solid and weatherproof. Be inspired by the furniture and discover a great world of furniture for your home or your garden. Our burl wood furniture manufactured in Thailand are very weather-resistant and can last a long time in the year be placed outdoors. In autumn and winter, they should be brought into the house in a colder region.

Buy massive wood furniture made by hand

Our solid wood furniture pieces are all made by hand and are a natural product. Of course, the growth of the tree formed bumps, nicks and color variations. This is also that what makes the furniture. Each solid wood chair or solid wood table is unique, which differs slightly from the image and the variations described are of course no reason for complaint.

Massive wooden furniture, especially wooden furniture from burl wood have a special aura and the root wood is a unique material. Lovers of burl wood furniture will find the design to life, authentic and timeless. And the wood is considered very durable and stable. Therefore wanthai attaches great importance to sustainability when shopping and trying as much as possible to preserve the naturalness of the wood raw material. The built solid wood and solid wood furniture with the unique aesthetics convey an ambience of well-being. In addition, solid wood furniture is very stable value for the garden and transform the garden or barbecue in a noble sitting area. And even at the age the furniture will retain their timelessness and their ages and possible patina is itself the furniture harm during constant use.

Solid wood chairs

Solid wood furniture has many other advantages. Because with the purchase of solid wood furniture you purchase a non-veneered furniture that is not electrostatically charged and may have an antibacterial effect. Our solid wood furniture react to moisture. Because if a non varnished piece of wood obtained moisture, so the furniture is moisture at low luminous moisture again. Inside unpainted solid wood furniture therefore provide a healthy indoor climate through a kind of humidity regulator. Also our wooden furniture are manufactured only from a renewable raw material, the processing requires less energy and saves CO2 a. If you no longer like the furniture after many years, you can easily recycle, recycle or burn in the fireplace. Clean can our solid wood furniture simply with a cloth, such as a microfiber cloth.

Buy in this era of perfection a burl furniture the security and home radiates. With this solid wood furniture for the garden or conservatory, make their own personal environment. And buy a better quality of life with our solid wood furniture of wanthai. The famous Thai Online Shop.

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