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Asian dressers and cabinets from Thailand

Dressers, cabinets and wardrobes from massive solid wood like teak wood, mango wood and bamboo buy cheap online

At Wanthai Wellness & Living you find furniture like dressers and cabinets from massive and solid wood in typical Asian design. Our cabinets and dressers are often decorated lovingly and costly. Therefore they get a special charisma and are really eye-catching. All furniture offered here are directly from Thailand. In typical Thai design the pieces are made exclusively for you and have been imported to Germany. Every month new extraordinary furnishings arrive by container at our shop in Deizisau. This dressers and cabinets fit perfectly to already existing wooden inventory and are also suitable for the conservatory.

Handmade dressers and cabinets from Asia

Our massive wood furniture are natural products and are processed by hand lovingly in the far away Asia. In processing different woods like teak wood, mango wood and bamboo come into use. While growing a tree gets irregularities, indentations and colour deviations. Exactly this matters the uniqueness of the furniture. Each dresser, each cupboard is unique. So you get a special piece of Thailand for your home, for your massage and wellness parlour, for your hotel or for your restaurant.

Big range of dressers, cabinets and wardrobes

In our webshop you can find a big range of different dressers, small cupboards and wardrobes. There are small and big dressers, sideboards and lowboards, but also wardrobes for your clothes. Some of the Asian furniture are equipped just with drawers, others have got additional doors and open shelves. Some of the small cabinets are more plain with clear design, others again are decorated richly with carvings. The motifs are blossoms and ornaments as well as pets like elephants and cranes. These handmade reliefs are special filigree refinements, which show with what big kind of love for details has been worked.

Place accents with colourful dressers from Thailand

Not all offered furniture at Wanthai are from natural massive wood or a combination from mango wood and bamboo mesh. A big range of teak wood dressers are varnished additionally with gold and other colours like red, green, blue, silver, white and black. Refined with colourful sequins these dressers sparkle against each other. With one of these playful designed dressers you can place accents, direct glances onto special areas and create a cheerful coloured mood.

Extraordinary furniture for special places

The dressers, cabinets and wardrobes in the web shop of Wanthai Wellness & Living features themselves by its special and unusual shapes. There are trapezoidal, curved, round, bellied, long-legged, turned, waisted, pyramidal and boat shaped cabinets and also small dressers for jewellery like a chest. So there is something suitable for every taste, furnishing style and room size. There is one thing all these furniture have in common: They make the place, where they are positioned to a very special location.

Order dressers, cabinets and wardrobes easily online

You are quite preoccupied at the moment and you haven’t got time for shopping? No Problem. At Wanthai Wellness & Living you can order dressers, cabinets and wardrobes cheap and comfortably from home. Have fun while browsing through our shop. However if you want to buy locally, just visit us in our store in Deizisau, Germany. Here you can take all of your desired products with you directly. We look forward to your visit.

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