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High-quality cold-pressed massage oil for a low sale price

A massage oil can be produced from cheap or high-quality oils. Mostly cold-pressed vegetable oils are used. Frequently also almond oil, hemp oil, aloe vera oil or also grapeseed oil is used. Sometimes also cheap sunflower oil or olive oil is used. Wanthai attaches great importance to high quality of the massage oil and a low sales price. And from high-quality cold-pressed massage oils you have something longer, because they last much longer and are more economical in consumption. In many cases, these massage oils can even be used without fragrance as a base oil. In most cases, however, the oil for aromatic oil massage is mixed with a slightly fragrant essential oil.

Incidentally, with the massage oils, you should make sure that they never come into contact with latex, as this may cause it to crack. In our massage oil online shop we mainly sell oils with the following fragrances: Lavender Massage Oil, Rose Massage Oil, Jasmine Massage Oil, Lemongrass Massage Oil, Foot Reflexology Massage Oil, Dok Moke Massage Oil, Coconut Massage Oil and Thai Massage Oil. In many cases, the Thai massage oil sold by us, such as the Newsky Wat Po Brand Plai was developed in collaboration with the Thai massage school in Bangkok and is also ideal for professional use.

Buy cheap Thai massage oil for erotic massage

Of course, the massage oil can not only be used for medical and recreational purposes. You can also offer your partner sensual massages with this velvety soft massage oil. Because the high-quality and exclusive mixture of cold-pressed oils with scented extracts has a sensual effect on the skin and the sensory organs. Many of our Thai massage oils come in a classic Thai and Japanese design. Made to the strict guidelines of the North American market, Thai massage oils provide more than just smooth skin. It creates an intense warming effect and a slightly exciting tingle. The dreamy scent of the massage oil makes you want more.

Why to buy massage oils at Wanthai Wellness?

For many years, Wanthai has been selling only high quality and affordable massage oils that are suitable for both private and professional needs. These stimulating and energy-stimulating fragrances leave no greasy feeling on the skin and our high quality massage oils are a guarantee for excellent relaxation.

Massage oils for professional use in a massage parlour

We also sell fresh fragrant massage oil in dark large bottles from Newsky Lamenatt. These high quality massage oils do not dry quickly and the dark packaging allows them to be stored and used for a long time. Buy cheap massage oil, both for private use, as well as for physiotherapy studios or massage studios in our massage oil online shop. Give a little more for good massage oil. They require less oil and the massage oil not only keeps longer, but usually smells pleasantly. A high-purity oil without preservatives is very well tolerated and ideally suited for therapists, patients and clients of professional massage salons.

Buy traditional massage oil from Thailand
Why to buy original Thai massage oil?

Massage oil from Thailand comes from the traditional massage schools that are widely used in Thailand. Especially in Bangkok and the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai, there are many Thai massage schools. Thailand's massage oil enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide, as it is produced mainly from the country's oil and herbs. Newsky and Carebeau massage oil imported from Thailand can also be bought here in Germany.

Where can I buy massage oil from Thailand?

Thai massage oils, which spread the wonderful scent of traditional Asian massages, can be bought here at Wanthai, the Hot Stones - and Wellness accessories shop, always at the best price. We are constantly on the way in Thailand to surprise you with the newest and most proven massage oils! Here you will find the original herbal massage oils of Wat Po massage school from Bangkok, in the canister or in the bottle in many varieties and sizes.

Which sorts of massage oil is the right one for me?

The massage oils of Wanthai are available as fragrance oil with many different Thai flower fragrances. Thai oil from Thailand is obtained from sesame oil with Thai herbs, with lavender fragrance, Rose fragrance, with lemon grass or as herbal massage oil. Here you can order massage oil in 1,000 ml bottles. Buy Newsky massage oil, neutral Newsky Thailand massage oil cheap in 4 liter canister. Order Cheap Newsky foot massage oil and spicy scented herbal Thai oils. The Newsky massage oils of the Lamenatt brand can also be ordered from Wanthai. Here you will find oils of the highest quality, especially for Asian massages, Thai massages, oil massages, with traditional herbs, directly from Thailand. The Thai herbal massage oils are produced with herbs from own cultivation. According to traditional recipes of the Thai ancestors, the special herbal mixtures are put together and still produced today in a proven way.

Which massage accessories shop provides a big range?

Before you buy your Hot Stones, check out the Wanthai Wellness Accessories Shop for the right massage oil. Accessories for mobile physio and massage you can buy here very cheap. Wanthai Wellness offers also practical needs for Switzerland and practical needs for Austria. Like all other offered herbal products at Wanthai, since 2006 we have been buying directly from the massage oil manufacturer Newsky and Carebeau in Thailand. This allows us to ensure top quality at the lowest price. Order now the original Thai massage oils cheap and in excellent quality directly here in the Wanthai Wellness Online shop. From 49.00 Euro value of goods we will ship your Thai Massage oil free of charge within Germany. Massage oils can be ordered online at Wanthai in the web shop and conveniently paid online.

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