Summer teas

How do hot temperatures and tea fit together?

Tea in the warm season? That does not fit together for many people. The summer lures with sun, vacation and good mood. We spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the great weather and sweating. Nobody thinks about warm drinks first. The annoying evil of sweating, however, is the natural and necessary regulation of our body. He tries to stabilize the body temperature. The moisture on the skin surface evaporates and cools the body.

Cold drinks in the summer only warm the body up

Often this natural way of cooling is not enough for us. We thirst for an additional cold source. We put all our drinks into the fridge and enjoy icecold Cola, water and juices. That is helpful for the moment, but causes the opposite in the long term. With the icecold drinks we send the signal that our body is too cold. The consequence: Our body starts heating to compensate this deficit of temperature. Therefore we suffer still more from the heat.

Warm tea relieves the heat in the summer

So the pleasure of tea is very helpful in summer either. The tea prevents that our body thinks it is too cold. If the tea is only lukewarm, It is enough for this impact. So it must not be drunken hot like in winter. For those who still don´t want to miss the usual cold beverage in the summer there is the possibility to make an ice tea out of our valuable loose tea. It is a terrific alternative to conventional cold beverages and a wonderful opportunity to grant yourself and your guests something special.

Tea has got many benefits - not only in summer

On this site our team from Wanthai Wellness & Living has assembled some sorts of tea, which are perfect for summer. They refresh for their sorts alone and bring further benefits: If we drink tea instead of sweet juices or other softdrinks, we automatically consume less sugar and calories. So tea in the summer is also healthy. In addition it is a treat for the eyes, because of the fresh colours.

You can also prepare teas for the summer as iced tea

Finally some tips for selfmade ice tea: Douse the tea with boiling or cooking water and let it go according to instructions. Afterwards pour it into a bowl with icecubes. This way the tea cools naturally and quickly. The flavour and the taste remains. Up to your taste you can refine your ice tea with a draught of juice. Treasured in the fridge you have got your cooling prepared all the time.

Serve iced tea attractively - a feast for the senses

As they say: You drink with your eyes. You support the good taste with a beautiful decorated drink that is also aromatic. You can influence this for example with special glasses and with a drinking straw. Lemon slices and mint leaves like peppermint or lemon balm are not only looking good, but also refine your ice tea with fresh flavour. You can also enhance ordinary icecubes while freezing fruits matching to the sort of tea in it. The sky`s the limit. Trust your good taste and enjoy your personal ice tea.

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