Seating furniture

Seating furniture like armchairs, stools, benches and chaises longues from Asia

In Asia there are many terrific seating furniture, which we from Wanthai Wellness & Living import for you to Germany. Our armchairs, bench seats, stools, chairs and chaises longues provide the right seating accommodation for any situation.

Buy Thai stools and solid wood stools from Thailand - Thailand Shop in Altbach near Esslingen

Thai seating furniture from solid wood, rattan, water hyacinth, teak, mango wood, bamboo and acacia

Our seating furniture in various designs come directly from Thailand. Over there experienced carpenters produce gorgeous pieces in painstaking handicraft. Afterwards the unique stools, benches, chairs, armchairs and chaises longues are packed up and loaded together into a container before they strike off to their long journey from Asia to Europe. From there Wanthai Wellness & Living sends the great singletons to the customers according to the size via DHL or forwarder.
We speak about singletons, because of the natural materials of which all seating furniture consist and you know nature is unique. So at Wanthai you get solid wood furniture from acacia, mango wood, teak wood, bamboo and also from rattan and water hyacinth. Each piece is a wonderful copy of nature with singular grain and colour accent. So lovers of natural furnishing with much wood get their money`s worth at Wanthai.

Children`s furniture from Asia for sitting

In the Wanthai range of seating furniture from Asia there is something for adults, but also for small ones. Children especially love our cute stools in animal design. One of the seating surfaces is decorated with a nice cat, which has got a ribbon at the throat. Other surfaces or backrests are completely shaped like a sheep, a ladybird, an elephant or a bear. Colourful paints and cute faces let the eyes of the children shine and conjure a smile on their faces. These seating accomodations for small people are also perfect gifts for a birth, birthdays or also for no reason. Also in restaurants or hotels these furniture are great eyecatcher for a children`s play corner. Make yourself and your kids happy with this gorgeous stools.

Extraordinary shaped stools and benches

Also for adults there are extraordinary stools and benches in the range, which cause an admired wonder. Many solid wood stools have been worked out of one piece of wood. They have got curved, rounded, turned and wormed shapes and are usable for sitting, but also for putting down flowers and other decoration accessories. Pile of books, which look deceptively real give suitable seating possibilities for bookworms. With benches in boat shape you can create a gorgeous wellness atmosphere. Here you can sit like being at the seaside and even have storing space, because of incorporated shelves.

Seating possibilities and living room suites order easily and cheap online

All original thai stools, benches, chairs, armchairs, chaises longues and children furniture you can order comfortably online at Wanthai. Partly you even find whole living room suites in our range, in which seating accommodations and more perfectly fitting furniture have been combined. So you can furnish your living room or your waiting area in a massage parlour or surgery with just a few clicks in proper style. Just lean back and let us organize the delivery for you.

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