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Where can you buy the cheapest spa accessories?
Pure-savers! All wanthai articles that have been reduced in price. Articles in this category are soon no longer be found in our Wanthai range. Also closeouts and overstocks are to have you here now!
It often happens that some items, though these are quite popular, unfortunately, can not be reordered from Thailand.

The remainders of this article, we will offer here particularly favorable in order to ensure a quick change of assortment can. And no matter whether this is discounted remainders of categories Herbal stamp massage oils, tea or residential, all prices of the products here from Thailand and Morocco will be greatly reduced.

Are these products of good quality or is it 2nd quality?

All discounted items in this category are of course offered and delivered in the usual good quality and have at purchase in the webshop and leave our house for any visible defects. Thus, the discount does not result from reduced quality, but from the need quickly to new products, such as new massage oils, new herb stamps from Thailand, delicious wellness tea, Thai Buddha, baskets, trays and lamps to offer from Morocco.

Will I still receive the usual warranty on this item?

In all discounted items, including Thai and Thai cushion mats, the usual warranty is provided. The purchase is therefore, as with all goods from Thailand, Morocco and Germany completely risk -free. Since all reduced merchandise subject to the same provisions of the sale through our online store, the discount can be taken quite easy to complete. When purchasing these discounted items is thus easily saved on the sale price, without having to accept disadvantages.

How can a reduced items online to be reordered?

If you do have more items are needed, as an online shop are offered at the spa and living, then this article may be re-obtained from the manufacturer. We try as soon as possible to clarify the questions and provide rapid response to all the questions. Because the wellness and living store of Wanthai is the customer service since 2006 in the first place. We want to ensure a 100 percent satisfaction.

Just put all the items in your shopping cart and also let you deliver your wellness and housing products quickly home. Order easily right here in our online shop and pay directly by cash on delivery, PayPal, or instant transfer from your bank account. Be happy with credit card through your PayPal account. After order completed your goods will be carefully packed and promptly shipped directly to your desired delivery address.

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