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We offer delicious snacks from Thailand in numerous variations. In Thailand, food and eating is the predominant theme: because even the greeting when saying hello is not "Good day" as it is here, but "Have you eaten (rice) yet?". Food is enormously important in Thailand.

You can see this: the choice of Thai dishes is enormous, there really is something for every taste. The number of food stalls on streets is very large, there are numerous restaurants in all possible qualities. The prices for food in Thailand are very low. Of course, you can also find restaurants in the upper price range, but inexpensive cuisine is quite important to the Thai people.

Especially people of the older generation like to save on food in Thailand. Often they eat very simply: A plate of boiled jasmine rice with some steamed vegetables, fried fish and a shrimp paste is the meal of many Thais. And by the way, this is of course also a healthy way of life: little sugar, no ingredients that belong to "processed food", which should rather be called filler, or canned food are used.

On the other hand, especially the younger Thai people have been seduced by sweet drinks, which can also simply be coffee or iced tea. Unfortunately, you can see their sugar addiction on these people. The number of very weighty people in Thailand has increased enormously in the last 20 years. But: quantity makes the poison and those who value their healthy main meals are already on the safe side.

Salty and sweet snacks do not replace a main meal, of course, but they "sweeten" life and set great accents in the course of the day. So for those special moments, try our special snacks from Thailand. Made with love and of excellent Quality.

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